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Working at Pythian has probably been one of the best decisions I could have made towards developing my technical skills as well as growing my skills as a person. When I first got the interview, I knew nothing of the company and was a bit skeptical about moving forward, as this was my first big professional decision and it would be the stepping stone for me to move forward in my career.

After connecting with Pythian, they introduced me to Tracey Bulmer over at Kickstart Your Career as they were partnering with them to bring on some new grads. Tracey was super helpful in walking me through how the program would partner Pythian and me to support my first full-time role after graduation from University of Ottawa.

The culture at Pythian is the other thing I really like! It’s such an active and friendly place with many events happening throughout the year. Honestly, it’s safe to say I have done more learning here than I have in the past four years of university. I’ve been working at Pythian for 6 months now, and there hasn’t been a day where I regretted waking up and going to the office because I know that I’ll be going to work with my awesome team. The fact that the work I do will eventually get deployed into a production environment is very appealing to me as well. It’s nice to be in a workplace where everyone is willing to help so that we all grow as a unit.

P.S. The vanilla coffee is amazing.


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