Embracing lifelong learning in the IT industry

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Ever since I decided  to study and work in the IT industry I’ve noticed a common pattern; the constantly evolving characteristic in every single aspect of an IT infrastructure, from networking to OS, from app development to development methodologies, from servers to databases…and the list goes on.

towerPC2Back in university, I remember learning structured code and then a couple of courses after, it was already outdated and we needed to start building applications in object oriented fashion. I remember actually carrying my PC (tower PC with ps2 keyboard/mouse ports) to the labs to present certain projects, as laptops were very expensive and less powerful. Investing in a laptop was so daunting that I preferred using my tower PC.

By the time I finally received my engineering degree it was time to find a job. I got lucky and managed to start working as a junior database administrator. It was on this first gig that I understood I needed to start learning all over again. Multiple database engines, multiple versions and editions, different sizes of databases, and also lots of processes. I told my young self, “Just when I believed there was very little to learn.”

Oh boy was I wrong.

The story repeats over and over again. When I managed to get a certification for SQL Server 2008, Microsoft released SQL Server 2008 R2. Then again, when I became certified in SQL Server 2012, 2014/2016  was released! Not only that, we also have cloud services, big data, complex analytics, agile software, and micro services. Not to mention that my phone hardware is now much better than my university tower PC, and I am talking about a 10 year cycle alone and not making a comprehensive list of the improvements.

In order to stay current, I quickly learned that the only way was to invest in myself. This is not an easy task as after you finish work for the day you only get so many hours to dedicate to your family, health and friends. Because of this, my journey in the IT world is where I learned to really appreciate working with companies that are not only paying my salary, but somehow understand this situation, and encourage me to learn the latest technologies.  Strangely enough, in the old days, I saw that some companies didn’t understand the value behind this concept; however it is changing. Every time I attend a training event I see more and more people, and more brands making an appearance.

Joining the Pythian lines has made me even more aware of this situation. Having the chance to attend  community events, training events, and having for the first time a yearly budget for my professional development, actually introduced a new predicament—what am I going to learn next? Making a learning plan for my year quickly helped me understand new technologies and expand my view of the IT industry.

I think this is one of the most valuable assets of working at Pythian. It not only helps employees to up their game, but it also results in a much more attractive service proposition to its customers.

Like Steve Jobs once said to a group of students “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

Keep learning and never believe you have reached your maximum potential, as boundaries are only in our minds.

Technology is a powerful enabler. If you are looking to start in the IT world, a candidate looking to join Pythian, or even a customer trying to understand our culture, do know that we like to learn, and most importantly we truly love your data!




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