Log Buffer #115: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Welcome to the 115th edition of Log Buffer, the weekly review of database blogs.

I must thank Paul for taking over at last minute for LB#114 last week, when, as he put it, ” . . . a killer combo of painkillers and the pain that the painkillers can’t kill . . . ” reduced to me a less-than Log-Buffer-capable state. Or to be more precise, to a writhing, benighted gargoyle of misery. (Too colorful?)

Anyway, the good news is that I’m better. Not all better, mind you. Between the tooth thing and my spending all my working time on a special project, there was nothing left for poor old Log Buffer. So, I face the choice: throw it open to you, LB’s loyal readers for your contributions; or adopt Paul’s approach1 from last week, and use the nifty AideRSS.

I’m going to bet on our readers. Let’s hear from you with your picks for best database blogs of the week gone by. I promise you a real, proper Log Buffer next week, from someone. If not me, well, Nick Westerlund still wants his go, and Ward Pond is back looking for a slot.

Until then, wish me luck with my angry tooth.

1. The truth is that I was briefly worried about having my job taken away by software. My concerns were allayed, at least partially, when I saw that the original software-built list of database blogs also included an item from “manscaping.com”, which I’m fairly sure had little or nothing to do with database administration.



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Rob Van Wijk in his blog “About Oracle” showed how to simulate print_table using grouping sets: https://rwijk.blogspot.com/2008/09/simulting-printtable-with-grouping-sets.html
Very cute demonstration of a rarely used feature.

Greg Rahn in his blog “Structured Data” covers the buzz around Openworld this year: https://structureddata.org/2008/09/19/extreme-buzz-about-oracle-openworld/


Hey! I’m glad you are feeling better. Good enough to go visit manscaping, I warrant.

The big news in my corner of the world is a new Maatkit release.


@Chen, Xaprb, Craig: Thanks, guys! Interesting stuff.

Here’s an item from Slashdot that caught my eye:

Data Centers Crucial To Lehman Sale — discussing an article on the value of data–our bread-and-butter–in the wake of the current disaster. It’s not at all the stuff of DBA work, but it makes you think.


Ok, plugging my own stuff once more. And it isn’t even fresh, but did not get mentioned before on here. Topic of discussion is MySQL’s “The NULL-safe equal to operator”:


Hey Lukas, thanks. No need to apologize for putting your stuff into LB. That’s totally legit.


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