Log Buffer #144: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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This edition of Log Buffer is my first article on the Pythian Blog. It seems appropriate that, as I start a new chapter of my life in Canada and am looking to the future, a lot of the blogs this week are doing the same.

After the shock of the Oracle takeover the MySQL community is full of hope. Mark Callaghan has written about the new storage engines for MySQL and also suggestions for what the MySQL community could be doing while they wait to hear what Oracle has planned.

Kaj Arno has looked to the future and he thinks he has found some answers.

With the media constantly bombarding us about economic meltdown and pandemics, its nice to read someone who sees something positive. Selena Deckelman sees hope in the world after a conversation with the Paul Vallée.

But its not just the MySQL world that is looking forward—DB2 users are too, with the imminent release of versions 9.5 thru to 9.7.

The always readable Jonathan Lewis celebrates his millionth visitor by comparing himself to Susan Boyle. For this milestone, Jonathan deserves a kiss, too, don’t you agree?

Talking about always readable, Steve Feurerstein has an interview with one of the best PL/SQL developers he knows. Certainly one of the best I have ever read.

Not to be outshone by Larry, Bill and his pals at Microsoft have made a few announcements this week. Aaron Bertrand is one of many to report that locked pages are now available as a standard edition feature on SQL Server.

Michelle Ufford give us some tips on how to find and deal with missing indexes.
Obviously, Michelle and Ward Pond have too much time on their hands, but I am not sure even Shakespeare would say “play on” to this.

Steve Kass has some good advice on using @@rowcount in MERGE triggers. “The value of @@rowcount inside a trigger could be unexpected, if the triggering statement was MERGE … but fortunately there’s a simple workaround.”

Everyone has their top 5 best practices. If your 5 differ completely from everyone else, then either you’re a genius or they stink. More likely to be the latter rather than the former. Tim Ford gives us his Top 5 this week. How many are on yours?

Robert Hodges takes a different view of the Oracle-MySQL marriage and asks, where are the 50 things you need to know about migrating from MySQL to Oracle.

Antonio Cangiano has a useful blog this week for all you macs out there on how to install DB2 onto the mac OS X Leopard.

It is spring time, and at this time of the year our minds turn to cleaning. Troy Coleman, therefore, has a timely article on when to clean out your obsolete packages.

Craig Mullins advises on some basic buffering and memory guidelines for DB2: “The better memory is allocated … the better DB2 will perform.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Log Buffer, and I invite you to share your favourite blogs from the week in the comments. I’ll see you again soon!



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