Log Buffer #15: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Welcome to another edition of Log Buffer, reee weekly compendium of news from the database blogoshpere.

First up, I want to extend my congratulations to Eddie Awad. Eddie has been chosen Blogger of the Year by Oracle Magazine in their fifth annual Editors™ Choice Awards. Eddie Awad’s Blog really is one of the best, but you probably already knew that.

On Tuesday, MySQL AB announced their new MySQL Enterprise product. In short, MySQL is splitting their MySQL DBMS into an enterprise-ready version and a community one, rather as Red Hat did with their Enterprise Linux and the Fedora project. It’s a major sea-change for MySQL, the project and the company. On Planet MySQL, MySQL AB’s Kaj Ärno a link to the official announcement and his longer explanation of the decision and its implications.

My-ess-queue-ell vs. My-see-quell offers Sheeri Kritzer’s perspective on the MySQL Enterprise news. In a nutshell, she sees this as a win-win situation for MySQL users of either edition, and for the project in general. That seems to be the temperature of the blogoshpere on this, but I’d still like to read some contrary opinion.

There’s a chance to get if from the horse’s mouth, courtesy Slashdot. They’re having a user-built interview with MÃ¥rten Mickos, the CEO of MySQL AB. You can ask the questions.

Continuing the mode from last weeks issue, there’s a lot of conference-related news in this issue. On Design, Develop, Discover, Define, Jay Pipes has a short preview of the MySQL Camp “unconference” (akin to Foo Camp or Bar Camp) which is less than a month away, taking place at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. In my opinion, the location alone is a great draw. Have you seen the Googleplex?

Now you want to go, but you can’t afford to. Well, Jeremy Cole on jcoles weblog announces that Proven Scaling is generously offering to pay your airfare and lodging. As Arjen’s Journal says, “That’s pretty cool! Just meals and local transportation are on you (but the local trains are cheap, and what does cold pizza cost?”.

Here’s grist for the rumour mill concerning the possibility of a Linux distribution from Oracle (news item). Lewis Cunningham of An Expert’s Guide to Oracle Technology for one, thinks that would rock!

I have also have received very early word of a PostgreSQL conference called PGCon, to take place here in Ottawa, Canada in the spring. This is the first mention of it, and details are still few and tentative, but I’m told that it’s being scheduled for May 21 through 24 of 2007, and space is being booked on the campus of the University of Ottawa. More early information will appear here on Pythian’s blog as the event continues to gel.

Mark Rittman is meetup-mad. I mentioned his Oracle Openworld shindig in Log Buffer #14, and now I see he has also organized a blogger meetup for the UK Oracle Users Group Conference.

Oracle issued its Fall Quarterly Update this week, Critical Patch Update #8. On the OracleAppsBlog, Michael Siebert has posted his thoughts on Oracle’s new format for the CPU, and he asks after others’ practices in applying patches.

Willie Favero has been attending the Information on Demand conference, and has been writing daily blog posts about his experiences at IOD on Getting the Most out of DB2…

On Informix Application Development, Guy Bowerman lets us know about the free download of Informix Dynamic Server from the International Informix Users Group site.

Guy also introduces a new website, informix-zone.com, and he’ll be publishing next week’s Log Buffer too.

Finally, Kevin Closson‘s Oracle Blog is a new one. Among Kevin’s first posts are his thoughts on Oracle and tiered storage.

Guy Bowerman is on deck. We’ll see his Log Buffer #16, and you, in a week’s time. Cheers!



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David Edwards
October 20, 2006 1:32 pm

Pay attention, Dave! It’s too late to submit questions for the Mickos interview on Slashdot — the interview is now up.



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