Log Buffer #190, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Welcome to Log Buffer, the weekly roundup of database blogs. We’re back this week with a short Log Buffer #190. Only ten more issues, and we’ll be celebrating our 200th edition post.

Chen Shapira was eager to share news early this week, sending along her favorite picks on Tuesday.

Prof. Neil Gunther doesn’t like the way commercial load testing software distributes think times.

Miladin Modrakovic wants to add columns to a table and initialize them with values. When the table is huge, updates can take too long. No worries! Datapump will save the day!

Tom Kyte is upset because a vendor sent him his password by email.

Iggy Fernandez had fun at NoCOUG’s Spring Conference, as demonstrated in the pictures from the event.

Charles Hooper posted a small series on how column order in the query can impact performance. Sometimes. Maybe.

Chris Presley contributed a few good SQL Server archive articles:

One which talks about data compression commands in SQL 2008 and 2008 R2. And another which highlights a difference in SQL Business Development Studio (SQL BIDS) between SQL 2008 and 2008 R2 for anyone that uses SQL Integration Services (SSIS).

In Postgres news, Dave Page compares VoltDB to Postgres.

PGCon2010 ended this week with positive reviews on the “Hall Track” from The Endpoint Team.

For MySQL, Vadim posts FlashCache: tpcc workload – the last in a series on FlashCache testing when the cache is placed on Intel SSD card.

Ronald Branford notes in MySQL Best Practices: User Security – that it is critical that to not use the default MySQL installation security because it’s insecure.

Lastly we wrap up with a few more were archives added by Alex Fatkulin that didn’t get out last week.

Timing Improvements in Oracle 11GR2 and tips for the case of a slow lookup.

Until next week.

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