Log Buffer #195, A Carnival of The Vanities for DBAs

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A short post marks Pythian’s 195th edition of Log Buffer, a blog of blogs encapsulating what’s going on in the world of database administration.

Remember if you find a link or interesting blog post that you think Log Buffer should mention, send a note to the editor at Log Buffer and be sure to include the link, and a short note on why you think that others will want to read it too.

Now on to Log Buffer #195. Alex Gorbachev starts us off with his suggested readings and funnily enough, Chen Shapira had many of the same favorites this week.

Jonathan Lewis introducing a new series about fragmentation. In this post he defines what he means by fragmentation. Alex is looking forward to reading the next bits.

Charles Hooper shows how to present performance data in visually pleasing charts.

Mark Calahan, on his High Availability MySQL blog announces a new book on MySQL replication and high availability from Charles, Mat and Lars, stating it’s a good read to save people from some inevitable failures when distributed systems are deployed for enought time over many servers.

Tanel Poder, back blogging full force shows what really happens when you drop a table, and why you can drop tables from a read-only tablespace.

Maria Colgan from Oracle Optimizer Team drills into details of CURSOR_SHARING. By the way, Oracle Optimizer blog has moved to the official Oracle blogs as Doug Burns noted. And he couldn’t resist mentioning another post from Maria Colgan about moving from the old Rule-Based Optimizer to the Cost-based Optimizer. Alex saw Maria speak at ODTUG/Kaleidoscope and since then follows her blog all the time. There are lots of other recently posted materials in the new location so read on.

Randolf Geist, Oracle ACE, and member of the OakTable Network, posted a monstrous (size-wise) article about limitations of index and table compression covering Oracle release from 9i up to the latest 11.2. Very thorough!

Michael Janke complains about the number of severe bugs in Oracle and tells some amusing anecdotes about defective parts in the industry.

Michelle Gutzait suggests a new free eBook available now on how to do performance tuning with Data Management Views in SQL Server.

Joshua Drake notes the call for papers for PgWest 2010 is now open and provides the link to submit your talk. Deadline for submission is September 5, 2010 and speakers will be notified the following week. They’re looking for general PostgreSQL and stack topics and tutorials.

Until next week.

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