Log Buffer #202, A Carnival of The Vanities for DBAs

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Welcome to Log Buffer, the weekly roundup of database industry news. We’re only a week or so away from Oracle OpenWorld. Everyone is buzzing with activity, promoting their speaking sessions and making last minute plans. For all of you bloggers who will be attending, don’t miss the annual Bloggers Meetup, announced recently by Alex Gorbachev. “Count yourself in” if you’ll be joining the gang so that accurate attendee numbers can be provided to Jillian’s to ensure everyone is well fed and watered ;)

In recent days, if anything has created massive tremors in the IT industry it is the news of Mark Hurd joining the Oracle as President. It is being touted as the best and bold human resource decision has ever made.Lawrence J. Ellison, Oracle’s chief executive and largest shareholder has converted the worst personnel decision since the idiots on the Apple board fired Steve Jobs many years ago, into a very promising shot, according to the New York Times.Tom Petrocelli poses many questions for Mark Hurd on his Technology Take Blog.

Reuters opines that Oracle has hired Hurd for his cost-cutting and acquisitions skill.

Here are some soundbites about Mark Hurd joining Oracle.


Bloggers across the globe are busy in posting their innovations and rants. Dominic Delmolino reviews Database Refactoring book and muses about design and the different roles of DBAs on his weblog.

Nulls are one of the most enticing features for the DBAs and the performance tuners, and so its no wonder that Jonathan Lewis re-discovers that not all “not null” are the same.

Oracle Open World is just round the corner. Thankfully due to the macro and micro bloggers, the people across the planet can remain in touch with the happenings at the largest gathering by Oracle. Cary Millsap prepares for OpenWorld by blogging about an imaginary interview.


Here ReadWriteWeb has published a very interesting blog about framing the debate between a software engineer and a Web programmer regarding MySQL and MongoDB.

Hadoop and MySQL, if integrated provides lots of strength. Here is how to integrate them.

Catalin Boja lists down as How to connect to MySQL database from Visual Studio VS2010 here.

SQL Server:

Pinal Dave discusses some fascinating aspects of Delete Operations.

There always has been extensive debate about the the Perfect SQL Server DBA / Developer Role. Here is John Sansom take on it.

Not having or following a naming convention can lead to much frustration and difficulty in writing code around your database entities. Aaron Bertrand gives the solution here.


Implementing process logging and scheduling mechanism can be a big challenge in complex applications. Arindam Chakraborty explains a workable mechanism here.

If you are wondering about the buzz around DB2(R) pureScale(TM) feature, then here is a fine intro about the topic.


How to know if changing a particular postgresql.conf option requires a restart, or a reload, of PostgreSQL. Hereis a quick favorite of Joe Conway.

Bruce Momjian blogs about why people contribute to Postgres and open source.

Hope you enjoyed this episode of Log Buffer.



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