Log Buffer #205, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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A very warm welcome to the Log Buffer, the premier medley of fresh information culled from the blogs related to the technology which stores the world, yes, the databases.

In this edition, the Log Buffer #205, we have yet again found the pulse of the industry.


On the Oracle front, leading Oracle technologist Andrey Goryunov carries on his hands-on experiments of newest version of the Oracle database. This time he slices away chopt.

It’s always very informative and exciting to know about internals of RAC Stuff like what actually is maintained in the Voting Disk . Riyaj has it here.

Jonathan Lewis does a little thought experiment with list partitioning.

HugesPages almost always provide value to the Oracle databases on the Linux Systems, and many people wonder why they are not the default. Kevin Closson touches some points regarding HugesPages, and he also notes down some finer points like the dislike of AMM and Hugespage for each other.

Hardly anyone would refuse a gift consisting of chocolate, ice cream, flower and designer watch. Yes, now you can have Tanel Poder, Cary Millsap, Jonathan Lewis, and Kerry Osborne at one Virtual Oracle Conference.

Tim Hall, like many other people is perturbed over the plagiarism of his articles.

Oracle recommends that you use JRockit JDK with your Oracle products and the reasons are described by JaySenSharma at his Weblogic Wonder blog.


Now, RPM and DEB packages for DB2 Express-C are available for the download. Get it from here.

Troy Coleman, blogs about the ripple-creating news that Last week IBM announced the general availability of DB2 10 for z/OS.

The keynote session for the third day of the IOD conference features the authors of Freakonomics, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, and Craig Mullins highly recommend that.

SQL Server:

If you are curious about the title “Plumbing The Depths of SQL Server / PowerShell Integration, then don’t miss SQL Server Connections conference on Nov 1-4 in Las Vegas and attend the session by Bob Beauchemin.

Though not earth-shattering and sky-ripping, but very valuable nonetheless this post by Jeff about calculating the median.

And following is the ever-green SQL Server Myth buster posts by Euan.


Zack Urlocker rambles on how open source software, cloud and software as a service are helping to bring about the consumerization of IT.

Here is one more effort where the bencmarking of MariaDB is being done.

Have a nice weekend.



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