Log Buffer #208, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Welcome to Log Buffer, the weekly round up of news and happenings in the database world.

We’re planning our publishing calendar for 2011. Happy to announce that we’ll have a few guest hosts in the New Year. Don’t forget if you’d like to host or edit a future edition of Log Buffer on your own blog, send a note to the Log Buffer coordinator.

We’ve had several contributions of favorite reads from the team this week. Enjoy this issue, Log Buffer #208.

Gwen Shapira’s picks:

Iggy Fernandez uses GraphViz to visualize his explain plans – he thinks it makes them easier to read, but Gwen’s not sure she agrees. In the comments, Tim Hall and Charles Hooper give a lot of information on how to read explain plans correctly and are worth reading.

Jonathan Lewis, on Oracle Scratchpad, blogs about optimizer issues with collection types and suggests a work-around.

Asif Momen updates that Oracle released a nifty little tool for looking up DBA views and background processes.

Jared Stills ran into interesting date format issues while working on his latest book.

Pythian’s Alex, Christo and Dan were blogging live from UKOUG 2010. It looked like they were having so much fun, I’m not sure why they call it work! Welcome home, Paul and team – you made it, despite the snow.

Vadim Tkachenko blogs about a very scary InnoDB bug that can corrupt your data and crash your database. It can even allow your users to do it to you! Read and take steps to protect yourself.

In DB2 news, Fahd Mirza suggests:

Henrik Loeser expounding as how to build a full text index on PDF documents in DB2.

Raul F. Chong gives the chance to experience the next version of DB2 today!

Willie Favero appreciates the security offered by the DB2 10.

Edwin Sarmiento writes his second post in a series on HADR, further building on his point that a good HADR strategy is more than just the underlying technology.

Guiseppe Maxia, the Data Charmer, starts a lively discussion on MySQL forks, and points out 5 arguments in favor of them.

Hard to believe it’s December already.

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