Log Buffer #214, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Database Servers are humming along, and the people who manage them, interact with them or are just in awe of them are busy in blogging about them. This inspires our next Log Buffer, Log Buffer #214.


Chet Justice, the Oracle Nerd breathes a sigh of relief as he gets to release some much needed space from his hard drive.

Jonathan Lewis reminds about a subtle difference between a predicate and the constraint.

Randolf Geist, another Oakie posts a meaty blog about Concurrent Index Creation.

Martin posts a useful blog about using wget and proxy to download patches from My Oracle Support (MOS).

Charles Hooper points us towards an OTN post which mentions Metalink (MOS) Doc ID 1203353.1 – “How to find Oracle Database Documentation on OTN Web Site” and lists four easy steps for finding information in the Oracle documentation library.

SQL Server:

Dynamic Management Views are views that can be queried using SQL in SSAS and which contain all kinds of useful admin data. Chris Webb posts a popular post about querying PowerPivot DMVs from Excel.

Social networks around the web are buzzing with the SQLRally. Kendal Van Dyke offers his help to go to SQLRally.

Wes Brown carries on his celebrated series about Fundamentals of Storage Systems, IO Latency and SQL Server and this time talks about latency.

Stuart talks about the ideas culled from different people of direction that PASS should take over the last year at Summit, SQL Saturdays, email, etc.

Ok the question is: For a clustered index on an identity column, is it okay to set the fill factor to 100? And the answer is here.


Kris Buytaert does a terse post about Converting KVM to VirtualBox.

MySQL Expert Ronald Bradford shares valuable input about Optimizing UPDATE and DELETE statements in MySQL.

Xaprb gives a heads up that the call for papers for the MySQL conference’s Ignite sessions is open. He also tells that there is lot of fun: 5 minutes, 20 slides, period.

Danil blogs about the podcasts by Sheeri Cabral and Sarah Novotny that explains what MySQL’ers would get out of attending COLLABORATE 11 (besides getting to go to the Harry Potter theme park for free, but that’s included, too.)

Imagine PECL/mysqlnd_ms could keep certain reads on certain slaves in a MySQL master slave setup. You would have a good chance to profit from hot database caches. Ulf Wendel writes more about it here.


Kim May, Vice President of Business Development for The Fillmore Group, has been named an IBM Information Champion for 2011. Congrats to him from Pythian.

Alpha 4 of the next version of DB2 quietly slips out in to the wild. You don’t have to be a genius to guess that IBM is hard at work on the next version of its DB2 database product. Read more here.

Richie Escarez points to a new support page that highlights the features and capabilities between the stand-alone and IDE packages of IBM Data Studio.

Want to learn more about some of the improvements to DB2 LUW since the release of 9.7? Read this post.

Conor O’Mahony posts a hillarious video about IBM DB2 and Oracle Database. A must see.


What phpMyAdmin is to the MySQL database, phpPgAdmin has been considered to be for PostgreSQL, but perhaps not any more, because new adminer, a nifty tool has also come to fore to support PostgreSQL, as blogged by Joe Abbate.

Sivakumar Krishnamurthy expounds that increasing work_mem is a quick and worthy trick, when it comes to that.

Valentine Gogichashvili blogs about the usage of PostgreSQL array aggregate to merge several arrays together in one one-dimensional array.



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