Log Buffer #216, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Log Buffer has become the mainstream carnival of the Oracle blogosphere. Technological advances in Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and other database systems, more and more conferences, and increasing numbers of bloggers are making log buffering more and more interesting, and this week’s edition Log Buffer #216 is a clear manifestation of that.


To err is human and to manage err is management. Alex Gorbachev fascinates us by adding his thoughts to a forum thread.

Christian Antognini and Oracle Internals are the perfect match. This time ITL Waits are in rendezvous with Chris.

One of my favorite bloggers Charles Hopper posts a worthy post about technology.

Well DTrace is a beauty, and now we have almost a free book about it too.

Deadlocks are such an important topic that they routinely attract attention of world’s best professional and Jonathan Lewis is no exception.

Shayan at pkhope discusses Oracle Parallelism Itching Wait Event.

Timur posts a quick note on the importance of ORDER BY for the order of the result set produced by a SELECT.


Øystein Grøvlen blogs about more Stable Query Execution Times by Improving InnoDB Statistics.

Johan Andersson posts about getting started with Cluster/J with respect to index search and table scans, with fully functional example.

Jay Janssen proposes some features of Drizzle async replication as he believes that the Drizzle replication has got all the necessary components.

A MySQL connection pool is a pool of connections to MySQL database. Ilan Hazan guides as how to set up a MySQL connection pool in Java.

Wrap-up of 2011 MySQL Conference was a blast this year again and Andy Oram posts an interesting wrapup about it.

SQL Server:

Scarydba Grant Fritchey is going to scare you for full 7 hours with his terrific end to end Performance Tuning session in SQL Rally in Orlando Florida after few days.

Do you have a data warehouse initiative in your current organization and looking for a way to learn how to properly build and support it? Would you like to learn how to do this straight from the Masters of the BIverse themselves? Jorge Segarra gives you directions.

Colin Stasiuk had the replication configured (SQL 2000 – Publisher to SQL 2008 – Distributor/Subscriber) and had to change the default port number on my Distributor/Subscriber. But then guess what happened?

Old wine in the old bottle, but the old is gold too and so Jason Strate looks back and reblogs.

SQL University talks about Very Large DataBases (VLDBs).

Can you change the owner for jobs &dbs across instances using Policy Based Management and Central Management Server? John Sterrett answers that.

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[…] of bloggers are making log buffering more and more interesting, and this week’s edition Log Buffer #216 is a clear manifestation of […]


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