Log Buffer #218, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Oracle’s assault on the global market goes on with full might and as it adds new products in it’s array, SQL Server also strives hard to get the attention of people through various public appearances, and MySQL is also not behind as its growing array of bloggers marches on. This week’s Log Buffer casts a shadow on some selective blogs from these three technology in its latest edition Log Buffer #218.


ASHMON is one of the popular tool for monitoring and Kyle Hailey has just mentioned that his this tool ASHMON not only graphs ASH data but graphs v$sysstat as well.

Randolf Geist publishes a meaty article about ORA-14404 / 14405 and Deferred Segment Creation with reproducible examples.

What happens with I/O requests over NFS and more specifically with Oracle? How does NFS affect performance and what things can be done to improve performance? Kyle answers that.

Tim Hall is known for his series of articles dedicated for the installation of Oracle products on virtual machine. He is rightly frustrated a bit as some people bombard him with emails due to virtual insanity.

Doug Burns introduces us with some cool new  blogs by very smart people.


There are many ways to slice and aggregate metrics of activity on a system such as MySQL. Baron Schwartz blogs about the four fundamental performance metrics.

WordPress websites run on MySQL. WordPress sites can get big. Really big, and so can be the MySQL databases. Enters the idea of idea of MySQL partitioning blogged about by Gary Pendergast for comments table.

The data charmer, Giuseppe Maxia talks about different points of view of replication.

Aussie blogger, Trent Hornibrook says that slow queries are not logged if they’re replicated slow queries.

Pcrews came across a product which bills itself as database as a service for MySQL systems and a seamless replacement for standard MySQL.

SQL Server:

Thomas LaRock is blogging about an exercise to help give people something to write about, and he promises that Meme Monday Will Return.

A nifty post by Luke Hayler about sorting on multiple columns in SSRS.

Chris shaw demystifies as why he was getting so many log on failure messages in the error log.

Congragulations to Michael Swart for passing his Microsoft Certification Exam 70-451. He blogs as how he did it.

Jeremy Carter joins the new private cloud team and is enjoying the new role as he transitions from DBA to to system engineer.



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