Log Buffer #222, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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As the birds have started their yearly migration back to their homes from the warmer areas to the relative less cooler areas in summer, bloggers are also touching base with the technologies which they cherish most and coming back with some master strokes. This new cool edition of Log Buffer, the coolest blog carnival covering hottest topics encompass that home coming. Now Chill with Log Buffer #222!!!


Charles Hooper blogs about an Overly Complicated Use Case Example regarding Row Values to Comma Separated Lists.

Martin Back researched an interesting new feature available with Oracle 11g R2, the so called RAC FAN API when writing the workload management chapter for the RAC book.

If you are looking at I/O issue and you have a 10046 trace file, and you want a histogram of I/O response time, Khailey has found a nice script from Clive Bostock.

Jonathan Lewis blogs about one of those funny little details that can cause confusion.

Rahn opines about philosophy of measurement and puts a quote of Dr. H. James Harrington.

SQL Server:

SQL Server has feature which copy database from one database to another database and it can be automated as well using SSIS. Pinal Dave produces the steps in his blog.

Wes Brown‘s series of presentations regarding the nexus between SQL Server, Storage and You is going along nicely, as he also posts in his blog the link to the slide deck.

You can use the HOST_NAME() function to get the client workstation name from which the query is executed, Vishal chimes in.

Keep an open mind. The simple truth is that it is better to go with the flow because it is faster. An important part of going with the flow is to construct tests that prove that something is our issue. David Levy Troubleshoots.

Jen McCown moderated the first-ever SQLRally Women in Technology luncheon!

Chris Webb is always curious to see what’s new in the world of SSAS client tools, and quite frequently get demos of the latest client tools.


Colin Charles has a bunch of notes from the O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo 2011, and he figures its about time I started blogging it.

Five Things Your Need to Know About MySQL is a short article intended for Chief Information Officers warning them that they may have MySQL installed within their company but not to worry! Many in the MySQL world will probably smile (or wince) at the article, Dave Stokes blogs.

Berry Leslie thought people may be interested to know what the PBMS patch for MySQL actually patches, in case they should think this is a major hack into the MySQL source code.

About any product, be it computer hardware, software or any other product, has features that are annoying to some of us. But few products has so many features that are annoying to just about everyone as computer software cries Anders Karlsson.

Mikael Ronström has concluded that in a parallel data server it is actually possible to get better than linear scaling in certain workloads.


Alex blogs about the Software Load Balancing using Software Defined Networking.

David Floyer (ex IDC analyst) covers in a long article the major forces and trends in the storage industry and the major trends that will define IT development for the coming decade, and Alex Popescu blogs about it.

Foursquare describes the 3 different replica set setups for their MongoDB servers, Alex blogs.

MongoDB is now live at Craigslist, where it is being used to archive billions of records.

Alan Gates blogs about HCatalog, tables and metadata for Hadoop.

Owen OMalley announced that Apache Hadoop project wins MediaGuardian Innovation award.

Happy Blogging!!!

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