Log Buffer #223, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Social media is buzzing with the news and views of bloggers. From the database side of this glorious media, we have picked out some of the gems for you in this edition of Log Buffer, which is the Log Buffer #223.


Jonathan Lewis was presenting the keynote at the Turkish Oracle User Group conference and he blogs about a discussion over there.

A new Myth arrives Index Rebuilds and Nial litchfield has an interesting take on it.

Why is my SYSAUX Tablespace so Big? Mwildake blogs about it.

Again Jonathan Lewis presents an example of how the passing of time can allow a problem to creep up on you.

Tim Hall is a big fan of To-do lists and he blogs once again about them.

For everything you ever wanted to know about Block Change Tracking (BCT) and were afraid to ask, check out the awesome presentation from Alex Gorbechev, the Pythian CTO, Kyle Hailey blogs.

SQL Server:

Vishal blogs about Update function. UPDATE() function can be used to determine whether an INSERT or UPDATE was made on the specified column.

Mike Hilwig blogs about his testing of database restores as he believes that if backups don’t work, neither will the restores.

Kevin Kline blogs about an article which dishes out quick overview of NoSQL.

John Pertell likes to know how long something is going to take and he shows in his blog post as how to know that how long DBCC CHECKDB would take against a server that crashed unexpectedly.

Winds of Change have blown for Colin Stasiuk and he blogs about it.


We all now that a megabyte (MB, mega is in binary system) is not the same as one million bytes (MiB, million is in decimal system). But have you actually cared much about it? Henrik Ingo asks.

One of item they always look at SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS to see if there are any transactions spending very long time in ACTIVE state.

The New MySQL Dolphin shirts have arrived and you can get yours at upcoming events where the MySQL Community Team will be appearing, Dave Stokes announces.

Anders Karlsson tells us the easiest way to automatically restart MySQL slave.

Julian Hyde blogs about removing Mondrian’s ‘high cardinality dimension’ feature.

Enjoy !!!

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