Log Buffer #237, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Oracle users across the globe keep searching for easier ways to accomplish time consuming tasks, or keep searching for the solutions of errors and issues and then often land on valuable blog posts. In quest for this Log Buffer Edition, we also landed upon some chic blog posts across database technologies and hence this Log Buffer #237.


Nial Litchfield talks about the Smart Update Utility. This utility has to be invoked during the installation of a base weblogic server for Grid control because there are some mandatory patches.

Application Developers Asking Your For Urgent Response To A Database Provisioning Request? Tell Them: “Go Do It Yourself!” Kevin suggests that, not me. :)

Unindexed Foreign Keys – What is Wrong with this Quote? Charles Hooper enlightens us.

Tim Hall has just finished reading “The Devil You Know”, by Mike Carey. It’s the first in a series of books about an exorcist called Felix Castor, who lives and works in London.

Richard Foote is yet again busy at testing the brain cells with yet another quiz.

SQL Server:

Tzink has decided to take a look at the total amount of outbound spam incidents that they have discovered over the past year.

Ashraf Abdulhadi says that it is very fascinating to take a look under the hood at what enables the Microsoft Cloud Services and make **true** the buzz about SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS as offered from Microsoft.

The more connected your employees are and the broader your “corporate intelligence” is, the faster your company grows.  “The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts”. Ammar Abuthuraya has more.

Bill Crounse, MD senior dircotor of worldwide health at Microsoft shares an ironic juxtaposition of commentaries.

MS Visual Studio 2008 (BIDS) x86 with SP1 recently started shutting down without warning whenever Jen McCown hit “preview” on a SSRS report. Read on for the thriller.


Join the MySQL Team on October 4, 2011 to celebrate the dynamics and growth of the MySQL community. Meet with members in the MySQL ecosystem -have a casual conversation over a glass of beer, wine.

On connections, Domas Mituzas says that MySQL is needlessly slow at accepting new connections. People usually work around that by having various sorts of connection pools, but there’s always a scale at which connection pools are not feasible.

The RAF of a log structured system could be improved by using compaction as an opportunity to improve locality for hot data. Mark Callaghan expounds.

Robert Hodges shares a valuable post about adding parallel replication to MySQL in a hurry.

MariaDB 5.3 is here, and it is here with larget number of features and additions.

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