Log Buffer #239, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Integrated and Turnkey solutions are the name of game these days. Solutions based on software, hardware, storage, and networking tightly knitted in one box with the option of customization are shaping the future. Oracle, once again leading the pack has come up with a groundbreaking appliance and blogs are buzzing with it and so is this Log Buffer Edition. ODA and various sizzling news from SQL Server and MySQL are adorning this Log Buffer #239.


Like always, Pythian is once again sparkling the technology sphere with the offering for the cutting edge Oracle database appliance. Pythian & Oracle Database Appliance are in the news together. Vanessa blogs.

Oracle Database Appliance — What does it mean for you and your business? Industry’s top sardar Alex Gorbachev expounds.

One of the leading expert at Pythian, Gwen Shapira shares her interesting views about Oracle Database Appliance.

Marc Fielding dishes out the comparison between Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance.

Pythian’s own Marc Fielding also releases the unofficial Oracle FAQ about ODA.

SQL Server:

Integration Services is the management interface for  SSIS packages. SQL Server uses  the “MsDtsSrvr.exe”  for executing packages. Jack Vamvas is highlighting the point.

Old is gold, and Chris Shaw repackages his six year old post which is still valid today by all means.

You may have noticed that Denny Cherry now speaks perfect Spanish. Can’t belive? Read here.

On a forum post recently the questions was asked how to replace a cursor with an SSIS package. This can be done several ways depending on the situation. Mike tells us.

A DBA regardless of the technology, has to tune a query sooner or later and he has got to know about the exection plan. Grant Fritchey talks about them.


Mike Hogan says that the lack of business visibility cripples traditional SQL DaaS, drives NewSQL.

If you are thinking about upgrading the Tungsten replicator then you will be glad to know that it’s as easy as anything according to Giuseppe Maxia.

MySQL Installer, hmmm, once again. Anders Karlsson have copmplained about this puppy several times before.

Kristian Kohntopp calls for best practice regarding talking to r/o slaves through a load-balancer.

There is a game that a small group of friends and Dathan Pattishall have been playing since my Friendster years. It’s called Stump the Murph.

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