Log Buffer #244, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Managing the databases of any kind of any size in the production environment requires the administrators to remain up to date and on the toes every time. They need to learn fast and apply their knowledge fast. Keeping abreast of the newer features and the troubleshooting techniques is must for them and this Log Buffer Edition helps easing that task. Enjoy the Log Buffer #244.


Charles Hooper answers – how would you write a SQL statement that indicates the next operation in a manufacturing process.

So it’s that time of year again, when perfectly reasonable people decide to deliberately make fools of themselves for a good month and a good cause. Doug on Movember.

Tim Hall continues to blog about his OTN APAC Tour and dreams about burning calories by hitting at flies.

Kevin Closson blogs about the offering that HP has partnered with Calxeda to produce early samples of 4U chassis containing 288 Systems on Chip servers.

Kurt Van Meerbeeck informs about Oracle ASS – one time it will save yours.

SQL Server:

Microsoft has just announced SQL Server 2012 Editions information on official SQL Server 2012 site, Pinal Dave notes.

So you may have heard earlier today about the license changes that are coming out for SQL Server 2012. If you haven’t Denny Cherry describes.

Are You Approaching Your Partition Range Limits? Michelle Ufford asks.

You might think that, as an IT professional, hoarding information is good for you.  After all, the more you know, the more effective you are at your job, right?  Uh – no.

Are you a salaried employee looking to switch to a W-2 or 1099 contractor? James Serra discusses.


Ulf Wendel blogs about using MySQL stored procedures with PHP mysqli.

Mat Casters is a big fan of “appropriate” data modeling prior to doing any data integration work.

Geert Vanderkelen tells that the MySQL Connector/Python available through the Python Package Index.

MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) provides an easy way to perform incremental backups. You do have to know the log sequence number or LSN1 of the previous backup. And you can find the LSN in the meta/backup_variables.txt file from the previous backup. Dave Stokes has more.

For Windows users, if you try searching the MySQL source code for various strings, you know you will often come up empty with the built-in Windows search. Chis Calender guides.



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