Log Buffer #245, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Getting stuck on technical problems is a norm in the life of any IT professional and DBAs are no exception. With evolving databases and their streaming new features make it more challenging. Blogs often provide the Eureka moment for those problems. So sit back and enjoy this Log Buffer Edition, which is Log Buffer #245.

When Tom Kyte recommends it, it stays recommended. Method-R will be hosting Chris Date for a series seminars during the last week of January, 2012.  The last time he did this was three years ago – so the occurrences of these seminars is few and far between.

Waits for ‘DFS lock handle’ can cause massive performance issues in a busy RAC cluster. In this blog entry, leading Oracle internal guru Riyaj explores the DFS lock handle wait event, and explains how to troubleshoot the root cause of these waits.

Out of habit, Tim Hall adds one more article to his installation series. This time Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (11.2) Installation On Fedora 16 (F16).

Marco has written an extensive review of celebrated Method-R Profiler.

Learn here why OEM drives Kyle Haily crazy sometimes.

SQL Server:

Chris Webb writes yet another post on solving the Events-In-Progress problem in DAX V2.0.

DBAs find it easier to manage large Database Server environments when checklists are used. This Stored procedure checklist by Jack Vamvas will stimulate some ideas you could use.

Denny Cherry gives a follow up on what exactly is a core license good for.

Jen Stirrup shares his fantatic experience of SQLRally Nordic and hopes that this will be organized again.

Unless you’ve worked in a vacuum the likelyhood is that you either are a third company or you have many third companies with you, possibly both. Richard Douglas rants.


The great thing about the Percona tools is that they aren’t environment dependent (as much as is possible), they typically only require Perl to run. Jay Janssen shares the excitement.

Ulf Wendel blogs about Consistency, cloud and the PHP mysqlnd replication plugin.

If you’re in Nuremberg Germany next week (November 15-17th) and have anything to do with Oracle or their products, then the DOAG (German Oracle User Group) conference is the place to be. Come Hear about MySQL Cluster Internals at the DOAG Conference.

Keith Larson gives a simple free example of how to check a phone number via a mysql database.

So if you need microsecond support for MySQL, you should definitely check out MariaDB.



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