Log Buffer #249, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Why did you start blogging? If you haven’t why aren’t you blogging? In either case, the answer can be as short or long as you wish, but if you are reading this, this means that you are interested in blogging no matter whether you are blogging or not. Log Buffer is there to not only cover the pristine blogs but also to introduce the novice bloggers in the realms of database technologies. So if you want to be part of Log Buffer or even want to publish Log Buffer at your blogs, just reach out to us at [email protected] and we would be very glad. Meanwhile relish this Log Buffer #249.

UKOUG this year is practically stormed by Pythian presenters along with other big names.

Kerry Osborne shares the Christmas Explain Plan patterns in a lovely way.

Martin discusses the cause for and against the Exadata simulator.

UltraEdit 2.3 has just been released for Linux. It now has a Fedora 16 build, which is nice.

Randolf says that if you consider the usage of Table Functions then you should be aware of some limitations to the optimizer calculations, in particular when considering a join between a Table Function and other row sources.

SQL Server:

Is the wait type CXPACKET bothering you? It means parallelism. If queries having that giving you grief, Michael Swart is there to help.

Versions can drive anyone crazy and Kevin Kline is no exception.

SQL Server is smarter than you, Jen McCown claims.

Jason Strate is lookng at the social networking aspects.

Jen Stirrup reminds about SQLBitsis which is the largest European community conference, dedicated to Microsoft SQLServer.


Chris Calender is glad to see microsecond support in both MariaDB and MySQL now.

Frazer Clement discusses eventual consistency in MySQL Cluster.

Included in all MySQL commercial editions subscriptions, Oracle Premier Support for MySQL can help you make the most of your MySQL deployments.

Baron is researching algorithms for automatic fault detection in MySQL and he needs real-world data samples to test the algorithm. Can you help by sending him a bit of data from your production server?

Liran Zelkha is making the case for database sharding using a proxy.



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I have been in love with Oracle blogging since 2007. This blogging, coupled with extensive participation in Oracle forums, plus Oracle related speaking engagements, various Oracle certifications, teaching, and working in the trenches with Oracle technologies has enabled me to receive the Oracle ACE award. I was the first ever Pakistani to get that award. From Oracle Open World SF to Foresight 20:20 Perth. I have been expressing my love for Exadata. For the last few years, I am loving the data at Pythian, and proudly writing their log buffer carnivals.

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