Log Buffer #250, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Tis the season to be fearless in blogging and read the blogs around the database globe. To make your foray in intrepid world of database blogs, this Log Buffer Edition compiles some of the most interesting posts in this Log Buffer #250.


One of the nice new features of the 11.2 installer for the Database (and indeed the installer for Enterprise Manager 12c) is the ability to tell the setup software to download any post release recommended updates for the product and to apply them at install time. Nial gives example.

Doug thanks Jonathan for hosting Amit Poddar’s excellent paper and presentation on One-Pass Distinct Sampling and Incremental Statistics.

Toon Koppelaars blogs about “Workarounds” for ORA-04091.

Jonathan wishes that it would be nice efficiency feature if Oracle changed the code to use the new Approximate NDV mechanism for these counts.

Kyle has a great post about getting started with Dtrace.

SQL Server:

There are lots of great 3rd party monitoring tools on the market from a variety of vendors. Denny Cherry blogs about 3rd Party Performance Monitoring Tools & CXPACKET.

Ian Treasure is using a nifty approach by Gethyn Ellis, which uses a role – db_Executor – to which users are given membership. The execute permission is granted to the role.

In some ocassions,  you may run into a runaway, long-running or stucked staging batch with Master Data Services in SQL Server 2008 R2. The issue has to do with Service Broker, either due to a timeout or notifications not being received or received incomplete.  Jose Chinchilla has more.

Jack Vamvas has documented the CPU Count for SQL Server inventory management.

Brent Ozar is sharing his thoughts on SQL Server 2012?s licensing changes.


Liran Zelkha shares is views on working with ScaleBase and NOSQL as there is a huge amount of buzz around NOSQL.

SCaLE 10X is the premier Open Source show in Southern California. This year it will feature a MySQL day with top speakers from the MySQL Community.

MySQL Wins Best Open Source Product of 2011 Award.

2012 is near… and so is the next FOSDEM edition !

Can the People’s House become a social platform for the people?



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