Log Buffer #253, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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A very very Happy New Year 2012 to all of you. These are the festive and jubilant times when people look back on previous years and make plans for their new year and beyond. Well, this Log Buffer Edition is no different. This week covers the new year posts of the bloggers across the database arena in Log Buffer #253.


Tom Kyte says Another year, another list of ‘resolutions’.  Welcome to twenty-twelve :)

Rene Kundersma heralds that is now available for the Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

Richard Foote discusses a curious case Of The Ever Increasing Index Solution.

What is the Meaning of the %CPU Column in an Explain Plan? Charles Hooper answers.

What is the performance overhead of datafile autoextend events? Niall Litchfield answers.

SQL Server:

Jason Strate has decided to bundle up all of the posts into a single document, and now distributing it.

There’s beauty everywhere – even in SQL Server. Brent Ozar is struck by the art of the execution plan.

Jack Vamvas blogs about SQL Server Disable Indexes and Rebuild Indexes dynamically.

Vishal shares as how to identifying default data directory for multiple instances through registry.

Michael Swart is looking back and up.


Looking for RAID Controller without Battery Learning problems? Peter Zaitsev helps.

A a new tracing capability has been added to the MySQL optimizer with 5.6.3. Optimizer Tracing goes beyond EXPLAIN EXTENDED to show how the optimizer treats queries. Dave Stokes has more.

Ronald Bradford tells us about the most important MySQL Reference Manual page.

Mahmud Ahsan is rewinding 2011 and saying happy new year for 2012.

Jay Lyman declares 2012 to be year of Linux domination.



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I have been in love with Oracle blogging since 2007. This blogging, coupled with extensive participation in Oracle forums, plus Oracle related speaking engagements, various Oracle certifications, teaching, and working in the trenches with Oracle technologies has enabled me to receive the Oracle ACE award. I was the first ever Pakistani to get that award. From Oracle Open World SF to Foresight 20:20 Perth. I have been expressing my love for Exadata. For the last few years, I am loving the data at Pythian, and proudly writing their log buffer carnivals.

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Why is it that you completely ignore PostgreSQL in this blog?



Pythian doesn’t support PostgreSQL, so we tend not to read blogs about it. We can only highlight blog posts that we actually read.

PostgreSQL is a fine database, we have nothing against it, its just out of scope for us. We don’t cover DB2 and MongoDB either.


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