Log Buffer #254, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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After having party and festive time during holidays, bloggers are returning with reinvigorated zest and with uplifted zeal and the blogs are sprouting energy and promise. The new year is already here and the blogs across the database rainbow are oozing colors of all kinds. This Log Buffer Edition depicts some of them in Log Buffer #254.


Surachart Opun, another Pythian ACE has a nice blog post about creating a second standby database from the first one.

Alejandro Vargas discusses RAC redundant interconnect and the Cluster Health Monitor.

Gwen Shapira compares Hadoop appliances in an information packed post.

Catherine had a fun time at a user group movie night.

Maris Elsins sheds light on the hidden cost of R12.2 online patching.

SQL Server:

SQL Server has means built into it to track possible missing indexes.  This used to be found through the use of the Index Tuning Wizard. Jason Brimhall has more.

Creating a copy of a column with a new name is pretty simple in DAX: you can just use the AddColumns() function. Chris Webb informs.

Jack Vamvas tells us that a neat test for read speed backup throughput is to use the Backup to NUL .

For the home workers, communication through the tools is the key and same is the case for James Serra.

Everybody wants to improve database performance without changing the code. Thomas LaRock hears it all the time.


Let’s create 3 nodes XtraDB Cluster in 3 minutes with Vadim Tkachenko.

Mark Atwood is starting his first leg of a literal `round-the-world business trip.

You are new to PHP but you know how to code, you know SQL, you know relational databases and MySQL?

Who wants to write a storage engine? Mark Callaghan asks.

The latest release of MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB 3.7.0) introduces a new method for performing incremental hot backups – the redo-log-only incremental backup. Sagar Jauhari blogs.



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I have been in love with Oracle blogging since 2007. This blogging, coupled with extensive participation in Oracle forums, plus Oracle related speaking engagements, various Oracle certifications, teaching, and working in the trenches with Oracle technologies has enabled me to receive the Oracle ACE award. I was the first ever Pakistani to get that award. From Oracle Open World SF to Foresight 20:20 Perth. I have been expressing my love for Exadata. For the last few years, I am loving the data at Pythian, and proudly writing their log buffer carnivals.

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