Log Buffer #256, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Searching for the blogging inspiration? On the look-out for that Eureka moment for your next blockbuster blog post? Finding the exact ingredients for your dream rambling? Well in the Log Buffer Edition, there are some awe-inspiring posts in this Log Buffer #256. Get Inspired, keep blogging.


If there is a notable technical database conference in the world, very strong chances are that Pythian would be there. RMOUG is no exception. Pythian is at RMOUG Training Days 2012, Maryanne tells us.

Vadim Tropashko tells us that the caclulating Entropy and Gini Index for a partitioned table.

Another upcoming NetBeans IDE feature, already in the daily builds, is this hint, which appears when you put the cursor in a class declaration, says Geertjan.

Autotrace Polluting The Shared Pool? Randolf answers.

Mark Fontecchio ventures into Oracle vs. SAP…in databases?

Alex Juijten blogs about Comparing Schemas: Red Gate Schema Compare for Oracle.

SQL Server:

Jack Vamvas says that if some long running error situation , the Error Log can become very big. In those situations , it can be time-consuming to search for specific Messages.

Bob Pusateri is right when he says that knowing when and how often your indexes are used can really come in handy.

A blog post about one of cool feature of SQL Server 2012 by Michael Swart. Rebuild your indexes online, But when you can.

As your SSAS cube gets bigger, cube processing time will become a problem. James Serra has a post about improving cube processing times.

Chris Webb has a great post about Many-to-Many Relationships and Partition Slices.

A frequent inquiry concerning databases’ security is to retrieve the database role(s) associated with each user for auditing or troubleshooting purposes. Pythian’s own Muhammad Mawla expounds more.


If you need Xtrabackup for Solaris 10 and 11 (x64), its available for the download as told by Chris Calender.

What makes for a true statement? Shlomi Noach answers.

MySQL Connector/Net 6.5.1, a new version of the all-managed .NET driver for MySQL has been released. Reggie Burnett announces.

Sometimes we need to restore only some tables from a full backup maybe because your data loss affect a small number of your tables. Miguel Angel Nieto has more.

MySQL, like a lot of other software, has many knobs you can tweak. Most of these knobs may affect behaviour, but more importantly most affect the memory usage of the server, so getting these settings right is very important. Simon Mudd writes.



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