Log Buffer #272, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that new media technologies like Twitter and Facebook are not going to wipe-out blogs but are rather complementing them very nicely. It seems they were made for each other. This Log Buffer Edition enhances this match. Enjoy.


It amazes and amuses Karen Morton how many times she remembers something that she used to know but forgot due to lack of use. Hmmm, sounds familiar…

Jonathan Lewis was in a discussion recently about how to estimate the size of a bitmap index before you build it and why it’s much harder to do this for bitmap indexes than it is for B-tree indexes.

The Silly Little Benchmark is gaining popularity and Kevin Closson is happy about that.

Mark W. Farnham blogs about Farnham’s Seven Steps of Application Design.

Does Oracle access the index itself or the parent table during an index rebuild to extract the necessary data for the index? Richard Foote has an answer to this frequently asked question.

SQL Server:

How can you react more flexibly to locks on your application (instead of waiting for blocks to occur) and then kill the SPID at the head of the blocking chain? Kevin Kline answers.

Microsoft has just released the SQL Server 2012 Upgrade Technical Guide. This guide is very comprehensive and covers the subject of upgrades in depth. Pinal Dave has more.

Jonathan Gardner has a nice post about securing SQL Server with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE).

What can Toy Story 2 teach you about testing your backups and recovery strategy? Let Thomas LaRock tell you all about it.

A big headache in SSAS, especially when dealing with a large cube, is making a change that when deployed, causes a cube to become unprocessed and forces you to do a full process so the cube is usable. James Serra has more.


Luca Olivari posts about the unlimited possibilities of MySQL Cluster 7.2.

Oracle enhanced the bugs.mysql.com site to provide a better experience for users to submit contributions. Keith Larson tells.

Can MySQL use primary key values from a secondary index? Maciej Dobrzanski has the answer.

A hardware, software, or human failure can occur at any time. Are you prepared? Ronald Bradford talks about MySQL Backup & Recovery Essentials.

Ovais Tariq has been working for a customer benchmarking insert performance on Amazon EC2 and has got some gems to share.



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