Log Buffer #273, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Glamour from across the world is sparkling in the South of France, but even that has failed to eclipse the vivid aura of the database blogs from the realms of Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL. This Log Buffer Edition covers this glamorous gala of innovation.


Jonathan Lewis blogs about subquery factoring.

Thomas Kyte learns or relearns something new every day about Oracle.

Riyaj Shamsudeen has a great post about RAC and MTU studded with a video.

Tim Hall was reading a story where Seagate was talking about 60TB disk drives.

The basic formula for calculating the costs of a Nested Loop Join is the cost of acquiring the driving row source plus the cost of acquiring the inner row source of the Nested Loop as many times as the driving row source dictates via the cardinality of the driving row source.

SQL Server:

For two days, Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman are giving away the kindle edition of their book, VMware 4.1 HA and DRS Deepdive for free.

Michael Swart is working on an automation project that makes frequent use of foreign key metadata.

Columnstore indexes are built and processed completely in memory.  You will receive an out-of-memory error if you do not have enough memory to build the columnstore index.

There are some things that we do in one SQL Server tool but can’t seem to figure out how to in another. One of those for you might be the LIKE keyword in T-SQL. Todd McDermid blogs.

BIxPress is a tool that helps you develop SSIS/SSAS solutions faster, easily/quickly deploy SSIS packages, monitor performance SSIS packages, and much, much more!


Stewart Smith tells a moving story, which even involves a delicacy like replication code.

MariaDB 5.5 has deprecated PBXT, informs Colin Charles.

Binary log file size matters (sometimes),  Aurimas Mikalauskas says.

Anders Karlsson‘s plan was to compare MongoDB with MySQL Cluster as a key-value store.

Michael McLaughlin tells us how to stripe a MySQL view and why we can’t use session variables in a view definition.



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