Log Buffer #301, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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This year’s last Log Buffer edition looks at the marvelous and splendid blog posts of Oracle, SQL Server, and the MySQL databases, which promise to bring more and more next year. This Log Buffer promises to be the anchor for yet another action packed blogging carnival next year.


Kristin Rose is asking to join hands and hearts this holiday season with Oracle.

Phill Hill has a nice post about transparency in the LMS market.

Luc Bors says that there are two ways to interact with device services. One is by using the page Definition, and the second is by using the API.

Frits Hoogland is discussing some IO-related wait with some friends, and he came up with Oracle and the ‘kfk: async disk IO’ wait event.

When you create an index, Oracle usually does a sort. Andrew Reid read about the NOSORT option recently, which allows Oracle to create an index without doing a sort. He is giving it a try.

SQL Server:

If you are interested in viewing the recorded sessions for the PASS Summit 2012, you can order them on a USB flash drive or view them online.

What could be better than bacon wrapped frog legs?

It’s one of those weeks when things get nice and slow. Your business users and managers are all out of the office due to holidays.

Shaun Stuart has been playing around some more with SQL 2012 and discovered another nice little improvement.

A new feature of Master Data Services (MDS) in SQL Server 2012 is the MDS Excel add-in.


The MySQL developer tools team announces the availability of version 5.2.45 of the MySQL Workbench GUI tool.

The MySQL Community: Beleaguered or Better than Ever?  Robert Hodges ponders.

Well, it’s the time for top ten lists once again. There have been many versions showing up on the web in the last few days, including Time Magazine’s “Top 10 Everything of 2012?” (with 55 wide ranging lists!).

Trent Hornibrook is dishing out first sysbench results comparing Amazon AWS RDS instances.

Those who’ve been around the MySQL world are probably aware of the much-discussed topics of GPL licensing, dual licensing, and in particular, licensing of the client libraries and the FOSS exception to that licensing.

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