Log Buffer #306, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Bloggers are striving hard to up their game. They are writing, editing, formatting, trimming, and enhancing their blogs to offer maximum value. This Log Buffer Edition #306 cherishes these efforts.


To use ASMlib or not to use ASMlib? That is the question, and James Morle has more.

This is what happens when a vacation in Hawaii fades away for Richard Foote.

Charles Hooper is feeling ANSI about Oracle Join Syntax?

Karen Morton had a webinar about understanding Oracle Optimizer statistics.

Connon McDonald has written about Lob CACHE vs NOCACHE – impact on flashback logging.

SQL Server:

Stuart Ainsworth is starting somewhere again after a writer’s block.

What’s It Like on a SQLCruise? Kevin Kline suffers through it.

How Safe Is Your Data From Theft? Thomas LaRock asks.

Colin Stasiuk is describing Error 3964 on CREATE INDEX on temporary table under SNAPSHOT ISOLATION LEVEL.

Here is a simple method to pass MDX Multi-Select parameters to MDX datasets.


Gavin Towey has witnessed some serious XFS performance regression in Linux Kernel 2.6.32-279.

Luis Soares had the pleasure to actively participate in the MySQL & Friends Devroom at FOSDEM.

Giuseppe Maxia informs us on MySQL Sandbox 3.0.30 – now adapted to work with 5.5.30 and 5.6.10.

Robert Hodges continues to write about Data Fabric Design Patterns: Transactional Data Service.

Multi MySQL is perfect for SSDs and Removing Replication Lag, according to Dathan Pattishall.

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I have been in love with Oracle blogging since 2007. This blogging, coupled with extensive participation in Oracle forums, plus Oracle related speaking engagements, various Oracle certifications, teaching, and working in the trenches with Oracle technologies has enabled me to receive the Oracle ACE award. I was the first ever Pakistani to get that award. From Oracle Open World SF to Foresight 20:20 Perth. I have been expressing my love for Exadata. For the last few years, I am loving the data at Pythian, and proudly writing their log buffer carnivals.

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