Log Buffer #317, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Reminders are an inevitable part of our personal and professional lives. Reminding yourself about goals, priorities, and milestones is key to stay on top of things. This Log Buffer Edition is a reminder about all those not-to-be-missed blogs out there.


One of the developers was performing a delete using a nested subquery, which was throwing out ORA-00600 errors. The ORA-00600 Lookup Tool on MOS suggested it was caused by a bug, Tim Hall reports.

The healthcare sector has a clear opportunity to modernize care delivery by adopting new data interchange standards and EHR systems. Kyle opines.

This might be something very obvious for the reader, but Martin had an interesting revelation recently when implementing parallel_degree_limit_p1 in a resource consumer group.

Alberto has a good post on fast refresh of outer-join-only materialized views.

Charles Hooper is discussing Unexpected Timer Resolution, Unexpected Parked CPUs, and Unexpected Power Consumption.

SQL Server:

There are five SQL Server white papers that every DBA should read.

James gets into an interesting discussion about consultants.

Kendra Little wonders as why most people don’t follow best practices.

Kendal Van Dyke writes a quick note to let you know that SQL Power Doc version is now live.

Let’s talk about database application benchmarking with Kevin Kline.


Stewart Smith is sharing a few notes on InnoDB in MySQL 5.7.1.

Alexey Kopytov has blogged more on transaction descriptors optimization.

MySQL Cluster gets a Community Award, Tomas tells us.

Oracle’s VP of MySQL Engineering, Tomas Ulin, delivered on Tuesday a keynote entitled “Driving MySQL Innovation for Next Generation Applications” at the Percona Live Conference.

MariaDB Introduces Atomic Writes, Arel Schwenke reveals.



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