Log Buffer #321, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Can’t find what you want or need? Do you have a tip or trick to share? Do you want to lament over a technical woe? If yes, then blog and send it to us for the Log Buffer, just as this one contains tips, tricks, and woes.

Fahd Mirza and Tanel Poder throw the spotlight on the v$cell_thread_history view with respect to the Exadata.

Mark W. Farnham‘s rightsizing goes on with a roar, as he declares that he is pretty much a green sneaker, tree hugging conservationist.

I would like to use the Microsoft Query tool in Microsoft Excel to extract records from the ERP database. Charles Hooper answers.

Kevin continues with yet another post about Exadata. The time he discusses: Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Proving 160 Xeon E7 Cores Are As “Slow” As 128 Xeon E5 Cores?

Alberto writes a post, which is a brief discussion about the advantages of activating parallelism by altering the session environment instead of using the alternative ways (hints, DDL).

SQL Server:

Security Questions: Differences between “Grant” and “With Grant”?

Using Scoped Assignments To Show Calendar and Financial Year-To-Date Values In The Same Calculated Measure.

A cool post about Business Objects on Linux and SQL Server.

Is Your Code an English Garden or Ikebana?

The Journey is the Reward: Speaking for SQLPass, where do you start?

Resolving Error Connecting Report Builder to a PowerPivot Data Source.


Stewart Smith is sharing an old note on the Storage Engine API.

A good look at the Non-Deterministic Query in Replication Stream.

The MariaDB project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the MariaDB 5.5.31.

Fernando had recently had to do some customer work involving the McAfee MySQL Audit Plugin.

There’s a big difference in how plugins are treated in MySQL and how they are treated in Drizzle.



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