Log Buffer #324, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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A blog post is a composition in an informal verse, usually characterized by the sharing of ideas, experiences, and opinionated news. This vivid explanation of valuable ramblings about the database technologies is what makes this Log Buffer Edition again.


Owen Allen got a question about the Management Credentials that are used for managing assets in Ops Center.

Nicolas Gasparotto carries on with his Prompt-free Appliance deployment series.

An introduction from the Cubegeek: Big Data – Part One.

When you create a table with a primary key or a unique constraint, Oracle automatically creates a unique index to ensure that the column does not contain a duplicate value on that column, or so you have been told.

Big Data, the cloud and mobile computing are reshaping the office of the CFO.

SQL Server:

Eli Weinstock-Herman rants: SQL is hard. Who’s to say whether or not it’s harder for the person who has no technical background or for the one who is comfortable with object oriented, procedural, or functional styles and has to cross the great divide to set-based, declarative queries?

So with Denis, we are going to try to figure out how many uppercase and how many lowercase characters are in a column. We are also interested in how many are neither uppercase nor lowercase.

Valentino Vranken is answering a question related to formatting certain things for display in a Reporting Services report.

Scary DBA is praising and giving suggestions for AlwaysOn, a new addition to the SQL Server 2012.

K. Brian Kelley worked with an auditor who is working through a system with an external audit agency.


MySQL Workbench 6.0 is the new major update of the Development and Administration tool for MySQL, Michael Zinner informs.

Sean Hull shares how to Optimize MySQL UNION For High Speed.

Be careful while executing DCL with replicate-ignore-db=mysql, Ramesh Sivaraman suggests.

Dathan Pattishall is in China and Spreading MySQL/MariaDB/XtraDB Ganglia, GearmanD, Memcache, MongoDB, HAProxy, Nginx, PHP, and Python.

So it has happened at last: MariaDB replaces MySQL in RHEL7.

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