Log Buffer #331, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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More and more blogs are springing up to cover database technologies. This ethereal Log Buffer Edition yet again cherishes this spectacular growth and offers a few links from the Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL arenas.


Are Oracle enqueue rules leading to deadlock changes again in 12.1? Charles Hooper asks.

James Morle writes about optimal Oracle configuration for efficient table scanning.

Richard Foote writes a quick post on the reuse of empty leaf blocks in index.

Big new security items have been added to 12cR1, such as SHA2 in DBMS_CRYPTO, code based security in PL/SQL, Data Redaction, unified audit, and even privilege analysis.

The intent of ASSM is to minimize contention when multiple small transactions are busy inserting data concurrently into the same table.

SQL Server:

Ayman El-Ghazali is spending some quality time with your database using Database Snapshots for testing.

This is another post on using FileTables in SQL 2012 by John Pertell.

When you define a named set on your SSAS Multi-dimensional cube, Excel doesn’t respect the order of items in that set by default if you use it in a PivotTable.

Derik Hammer compiles a list of July updates for SQL Server.

In addition to actually creating and adding knowledgebases, one of the biggest benefits of Data Quality Services is actually getting to integrate published Data Quality projects into your enterprise data management solution.


Petri Virsunen is replicating from MySQL to NuoDB with Tungsten Replicator.

Idle connections can cause problems for applications, increasing the risk of connection timeouts for applications that use persistent connections. Todd Farmer has more.

Ronald Bradford shares that there is improved security in MySQL 5.6

MySQL Server 5.6.13 has been released and is available (as always) in GPL-licensed Community builds as well as commercial-license builds for evaluation and customer use.

Lighttpd is a secure, fast, standards-compliant web server designed for speed-critical environments.



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