Log Buffer #332, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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We know very well that database technologies need a blog presence, and how to best offer that blogging experience — without the danger of boredom — is something tons of Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL bloggers continue to show through Log Buffer. Enjoy!


Various approaches exist to organize your groovy scripts and package up utilities.

Oracle Certification announces the release of the new Oracle Linux 6 certification paths.

Designed for the Cloud, the new multitenant architecture of Oracle Database 12c now enables customers to greatly simplify and accelerate database consolidation by enabling the management of hundreds of databases as one.

How do I find .SQL files on a MAC?

Marketing-Kit available: Oracle RightNow Cloud Service

SQL Server:

Webb is discussing Subselects and Formula Engine Caching in SSAS 2012.

Here is a post about finding the database file usage details of all databases of an instance.

Scalability is the ability of a system to support an increased workload by adding incremental system resources without fundamentally changing the system design or architecture, blogs Basit A. Farooq.

One of the big advantages of storing files in a SQL Server 2012 FileTable is to have the ability to copy files directly to the FILESTREAM storage.

What are the advantages of using SSAS Cubes over a regular data warehouse for reporting? James answers.


Over time, some options have crept into the MySQL server, and they are all placed in comma-separated lists. These include SQL_MODE, optimizer_switch, optimizer_trace, and a few other variables.

Spring Cleaning: useless protocol commands.

Set up a restricted SQL Server account for migrations with MySQL Workbench.

What to do when you get  “ERROR: You can’t mix -e with the old options”.

It can be hard for software engineers to understand the following principle, however, it is very important for improving performance and obtaining immediate scalability options. The principle is: Do less work.



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