Log Buffer #339, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Tablogs are the blogs written, read, and managed on tablets. They are not only growing in numbers, but the volume of content is also immense. So much ease and so much power through touches ensure that you only spend time creating and learning. This Log Buffer edition appreciates that.


Michael Abbey is taking a quick look at table-level recovery with Database 12c including sample script and output.

Jeremy Schneider has written a brief post to mention an undocumented resource manage limit.

Here’s an important point JL learned from Maria Colgan’s “10 tips” presentation on Tuesday of Open World.

One of the less obvious advantages of database virtualization is a reduction in the read I/O issued against the underlying physical storage.

Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management v2.3.1 now supports FireFox ESR17.

SQL Server:

SQLPass Board of Directors Election: Top Strategic Goal for PASS?

John Pertell is using Property Lists in SQL 2012 Full Text Searches.

Are Monitoring Tools Working for You or Working You Over?

Which personal traits should a #SQLPASS Director have?

SQL Server 2014 has enhancements to two common database maintenance operations:Partition Switching and Online Index Rebuild.


Someone I know used to make jokes about their plans to run MySQL 4.0 forever.

Since the introduction of PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA in MySQL Server, it is possible to trace what happens inside the server when it executes client queries.

Syslog is widely used for logging. It allows separation of the storage of generated messages from the system that generated them.

Stewart Smith has been working on setting up mirrors on github of all our BZR branches.

Forking MySQL/ for how long can forks keep up?



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