Log Buffer #346, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Economist says that Physics suggest that storms will get worse as the planet warms. Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines, bush-fires in Australia, floods in China, and extreme unpredictable weather across the planet is a sober reminder. Good news is that technology and awareness is rising, and so is the data. Database technologies are playing their part to intelligently store that data and enabling the stakeholders to analyze and get meaningful results to predict and counter the extreme conditions. This Log Buffer Edition appreciates these efforts.

Big Data:

Big Data Tools that You Need to Know About – Hadoop & NoSQL.

Dave Stokes is copying MySQL data to Hadoop with minimal loss of blood.

Mark Rittman is creating a Multi-Node Hadoop/Impala Cluster as a Datasource for OBIEE

In what appears to be a short space of time, there has been a revolution in the data discovery and analytics space.

Is NoSQL less disruptive than we thought and just, well, useful?


Sayan Malakshinov is sharing a little example of index creation on extended varchars.

As almost everyone is interested in data science, take the boot camp to get ahead of the curve.

Guardian was introduced in Oracle Coherence 3.5 as uniform and reliable mean to detect and report various stalls and hangs on data grid members.

Session profile using V$ tables

Lucas Jellema is on the integrity of data in Java applications.

SQL Server:

I got 99 Problems but my Backup ain’t one.

Let’s talk about the case where you want to compare tables to see what’s missing.

How Do You Prevent a SAN Failure? Mike Walsh tells us.

Tracy is going to start introducing some of the Powershell elements that tie audit process together.

Power Pivot: unable to convert a value to the data type requested.


Before there was information_schema and performance_schema, there were InnoDB Monitor tables.

Database schema changes are usually not popular among DBAs or sysadmins, not when you are operating a cluster and cannot afford to switch off the service during a maintenance window.

Will AWS plans for PostgreSQL RDS help it finally pick up?


Justin Swanhart is announcing a new MySQL fork: TroySQL.



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