Log Buffer #351, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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It’s that time of year when long awaited plans are implemented and the spirits are high. Relaxation oozes from most of the blog posts and this Log Buffer edition captures that with relish.


When the Oracle wait interface isn’t enough.

Jonathan Lewis has thrown a brief comment about about the dbms_space package.

Jeremy has blogged about readable Code for Modify_Snapshot_Settings.

Here is how to pass an object type as an OUT-only mode parameter to a procedure.

In Oracle 12c, some of the parameters can be changed in a pluggable database if the impact is limited to the current container.

SQL Server:

Quick and efficent way to change SQL service startup parameters for 1000 instances!

Every database developer uses keys, but without always understanding all the ramifications.

In order to help DBAs determine which tables and stored procedures might be good to take advantage of using the new In-Memory OLTP tables in SQL Server 2014, Microsoft introduced the AMR Utility.

This article talks about how you can get around the “Login Failed for user ‘NT Authority\ANONYMOUS’ LOGON” error when using linked servers and Windows authentication.

This article uses XML to deal with optional parameters along with multiple parameter passed into a stored procedure.


The MySQL Utilities Team is pleased to announce the latest GA release of MySQL Utilities.

MySQL 5.6 introduced the ability to expire passwords. Many work environments have rules where it is mandatory to change passwords on a regular basis.

Big downtime gets a lot of attention in the MySQL world. There will be some downtime when you replace a failed master. With GTID in MariaDB and MySQL that time will soon be much smaller.

A decade ago MySQL folks were in love with the concept of a relay slave for MySQL high availability across data centers.

Shlomi Noach shares a script that will report the largest InnoDB tables under the data directory: schema, table & length in bytes.



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