Log Buffer #352, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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Jingle bells are all the way towards the happy new year. Whether the database bloggers are basking at white, sandy beaches or warming up indoors in white, snowy mornings, they are gearing up with their blog posts to start the new year with a bang. Log Buffer shares that enthusiasm with them.

When diagnosing ASM issues, it helps to know a bit about the setup – disk group names and types, the state of disks, ASM instance initialisation parameters and if any rebalance operations are in progress.

The ADF framework provides parameters for a bounded task flow parameters are provided in ADF, developer can give them default values with using JDeveloper.

If you like to increase space in linux volume group, you can do it on while machine up.

How to Find Your Oracle Voice in the Oracle Sales Cloud?

ORA-14696: MAX_STRING_SIZE migration is incomplete for pluggable database

SQL Server:

How to Compare Rows within Partitioned Sets to Find Overlapping Dates.

Free eBook: SQL Server Transaction Log Management

A Greg Larsen classic – he discusses how the SQL Server optimizer tries to parameterize a query if it can, as well as how you can build your own parameterized query.

Learn how to create a Windows\SQL Server 2008 virtual cluster.

This technical note provides guidance for Reporting Services. The focus of this technical note is to optimize your Reporting Services architecture for better performance and higher report execution throughput and user loads.


Busy database-backed websites often hit scalability limits in the database first. In tuning MySQL, one of the first things to look at is the max_connections parameter, which is often too low.

One of the routine tasks for a DBA is renaming database schemas, and as such MySQL added a command to carry out that purpose called “RENAME DATABASE <database_name>”.

MySQL Connector/Java supports multi-master replication topographies as of version 5.1.27, allowing you to scale read load to slaves while directing write traffic to multi-master (or replication ring) servers.

This post shows you how to perform a schema upgrade using the Rolling Schema Upgrade (RSU) method.

Several users have reported that certain queries with IN predicates can’t use index scans even though all the columns in the query are indexed.

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