Log Buffer #353, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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The new fresh year is already here amidst fireworks, hard partying, resolutions, and new hopes. Log Buffer also enters into this brand new year focusing on the emerging trends while appreciating the proven technologies. Enjoy the first log buffer of this year.


Keeping up with the latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE) updates is both a priority and a challenge for most organizations.

Oracle’s product portfolio offers a multitude of opportunities to combine cross-stack products and deliver incremental value to customers and partners.

Do you Deal with Supplier Profile Management flows?

In case you took a break over New Year’s and aren’t quite ready for “real” work, but still feel obligated to visit sites such as this one, here’s a reward for your efforts.

Using SSD for a temp tablespace on Exadata

SQL Server:

This paper discuss if it is the right approach of using Hadoop as the analytics infrastructure.

Microsoft is releasing SQL Server 2014 with a new set of In-Memory OLTP features to significantly improve the OLTP performance and reduce the processing time for servers with a large amount of memory and multi-core processors.

SQL Server Optimizer — Under the Hood series of short articles.

How to use Profiler to generate TSQL scripts that can be modified and automated to run as a server-side trace by Grant Fritchey.

Big data is now a standard part of information technology architecture for most large organizations.


SSL with MySQL does not have to be complicated

This is a HOW-TO about installing MariaDB Galera Cluster on Debian/Ubuntu.

In many parts of the MySQL world, whether you have users, developers or administrators of MySQL, the season holidays are for family, relax, prayers, travel, or they are simply a moment where you can enjoy what you like or care most about.

How to recover table structure from .frm files with MySQL Utilities

Chinese and Japanese and Korean (CJK) text usually has no spaces between words. Conventional full-text search does its tokenizing by looking for spaces. Therefore conventional full-text search will fail for CJK.

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