Log Buffer #377, a carnival of the vanities for DBAs

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Improvement and progress are all about growth. Pythian just recently grew more by entering into an agreement to acquire Blackbird.io as announced by Paul Vallee. This Log Buffer also adds one more edition to its growing history.


WebLogic 12.1.3 is a major step forward to becomes SOA Suite 12c, BPM Suite 12c and all the other Fusion Middleware Components will run on it!

The Internet of Things is changing everything. From the way you start your day in the morning, to the way products are manufactured and cities operate their services, machines all around you will collect data, share it with each other, and use it to recommend and even make decisions along the way.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry Installed lets create an ORG / USER to get started

An in-line sub process can best be thought of as a callable scope. It is a scope that is not part of the normal process flow, but rather a unit of encapsulated logic that can be called zero, one or multiple times from anywhere within the BPEL process

Do you need to create PDF reports from PL/SQL?

SQL Server:

Unique indexes are the database developer’s responsibility. Non-unique indexes can be more easily maintained directly on the production database by an automated process.

Continuous Delivery is fairly generally understood to be an effective way of tackling the problems of software delivery and deployment by making build, integration and delivery into a routine.

When you are writing TSQL code there are times when you want to perform the same logic over and over again. To accomplish this you can used the WHILE keyword.

What you need for a Multi Subnet Configuration for AlwaysOn in SQL Server 2012

All the wonderful functionality that in-memory tables and natively compiled procedures provide in SQL Server 2014 is pretty cool. But, changes to core of the engine results in changes in things that we may have developed a level of comfort with. Grant Fritchey explains.


Optimistic updates for Edit Data operations in MySQL for Excel

Here are a few videos those of you who are just getting started with Sphinx may find useful.

Harnessing the power of master/slave clusters to operate data-driven businesses on MySQL

Every SELECT from your Python program may acquire a metadata lock!

Why %util number from iostat is meaningless for MySQL capacity planning

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