Log Buffer #456: a carnival of the vanities for DBAs

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This Log Buffer Edition covers many aspects discussed this week in the realms of Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.


  • Oracle and Informatica have a very close working relationship and one of the recent results of this collaboration is the joint project done by Informatica and our Oracle ISV Engineering team to test the performance of Informatica software with Oracle Database 12c In-memory on Oracle SPARC systems.
  • The only thing you can do easily is be wrong, and that’s hardly worth the effort.
  • Enterprise Manager 13c: What’s New in Database Lifecycle Management.
  • SnoopEE is a very interesting grass roots open source Java EE ecosystem project. Akin to NetFlixOSS Eureka it enables microservices discovery, lookup and registration.
  • Docker is an open source container technology that became immensely popular in 2014. Docker itself is written in Google’s programming language “Go” and supported on all major Linux distributions (RedHat, CentOS, Oracle Linux, Ubuntu etc.).

SQL Server:

  • This blog helps you understand Graphical Execution Plans in SQL Server.
  • New DAX functions in SQL Server 2016.
  • JSON support in SQL Server 2016.
  • PowerShell Tool Time: Building Help.
  • Datetime vs. Datetime2.


  • Peter Gulutzan discusses SQL qualified names.
  • It is not new that we can store a JSON content in a normal table text field. This has always been the case in the past. But two key features were missing: filtering based on JSON content attributes and indexing of the JSON content.
  • MySQL 5.7 Multi-Source Replication – Automatically Combining Data From Multiple Databases Into One.
  • OOM killer vs. MySQL 5.7.10 epic results with over-allocating memory.
  • Apache Spark with Air ontime performance data.


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I have been in love with Oracle blogging since 2007. This blogging, coupled with extensive participation in Oracle forums, plus Oracle related speaking engagements, various Oracle certifications, teaching, and working in the trenches with Oracle technologies has enabled me to receive the Oracle ACE award. I was the first ever Pakistani to get that award. From Oracle Open World SF to Foresight 20:20 Perth. I have been expressing my love for Exadata. For the last few years, I am loving the data at Pythian, and proudly writing their log buffer carnivals.

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