Log Buffer #458: a carnival of the vanities for DBAs

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This Log Buffer Edition covers various useful tips and tricks from blogs for Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.


  • pstack(or thread stack) for Windows to diagnose Firefox high CPU usage
  • With the ever-changing browser landscape, we needed to make some tough decisions as to which browsers and versions are going to be deemed “supported” for Oracle Application Express.  There isn’t enough time and money to support all browsers and all versions, each with different bugs and varying levels of support of standards.
  • Are you effectively using Java SE 8 streams for data processing? Introduced in Java 8, streams allow you to process data in a declarative way and leverage multi-core architectures without writing multithreaded code.
  • If you are upgrading but would like to increase or decrease the number of data sources you must do so when installing the latest version.
  • When talking about BPM security, you need to know the about certain set of information and where those information will come from etc.

SQL Server:

  • Having fun with PARSENAME (SQL Spackle)
  • Time and Space: How to Monitor Drive Space in SQL Server
  • Application Security with Azure Key Vault
  • Declarative SQL: Using CHECK() & DEFAULT
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Public Preview Boosts Database Security


  • Have you heard the news? As of MySQL 5.7.8, MySQL includes a new JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data type that enables more efficient access to JSON-encoded data.
  • Oracle MySQL 5.7 Database Nears General Availability
  • Most of you know, that it is possible to synchronize MySQL and MariaDB servers using replication. But with the latest releases, it is also possible to use more than just two servers as a multi-master setup.
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS, also often referred to as SSL) is an important component of a secure MySQL deployment, but the complexities of properly generating the necessary key material and configuring the server dissuaded many users from completing this task.
  • Managing MySQL Replication for High Availability


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