Log buffer #532: a carnival of the vanities for DBAs

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This Log Buffer Edition covers Cloud, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.


Oracle Integration Cloud Update

AWS Contributes to Milestone 1.0 Release and Adds Model Serving Capability for Apache MXNet

Get Ready for the AWS Serverless Application Repository

How to get real-time, actionable insights from your Fastly logs with Looker and BigQuery

OAuth whitelisting can now control access to GCP services and data


Resumable operations are operations that can be suspended instead of failing, allowing us to fix the problem and resume the operation.

Improving Google Crawl Rate Optimization

Errors when downloading a file on page submit in Oracle Application Express (APEX) 5.1 or later…

Exporting an APEX page plus Shared Components

Oracle Forms & Reports on Docker – The Concept and Technique behind


Hands-On Look at ZFS with MySQL

How Scary is Enabling Semi-Sync Replication?

Percona Server for MySQL 5.5.58-38.10 is Now Available

Insert benchmark: IO-bound, high-concurrency, fast server

MySQL 8.0: Query Optimizer Takes Data Buffering into Account


First off, there have been a few announcements over the past month or so worth mentioning.

Google announced on Nov 6: Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL adds high availability and replication.

Amazon announced on Nov 22: Amazon RDS Now Supports Database Storage Size up to 16TB and Faster Scaling for MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, and PostgreSQL Engines.

Amazon announced on Nov 29 at reInvent: Serverless and Multi-Master (clustering) for Amazon Aurora.

Next, in the category of “battle stories with really useful information for everyone” there were two articles that got a lot of circulation and
stood out to us.

Pavan Patibandla from Amplitude published an article on Nov 22 which seemed to get a lot of attention on twitter: How a single PostgreSQL
config change improved slow query performance by 50x Michael Malis from Heap Analytics’ engineering team published an article on Nov 27 about Analyzing Millions of Postgres Query Plans. (This isn’t Michael’s first really interesting technical article about PostgreSQL either!)

In the category of “engaging articles about design & architecture” at least two recent articles stand out.

Stavros Korokithakis from Greece published an article on Nov 12 called “Startup Mistakes: Choice of Datastore” which was essentially about why you should not choose MongoDB.

Keith Alsheimer from EnterpriseDB published an article on Nov 21 called “Amazon RDS and Aurora: The Golden Arches of Postgres?” which was about how the heart and soul of PostgreSQL is its extensibility, and whether cloud-provided versions of PostgreSQL are worth the limits imposed on your ability to customize it.

Last but not least, the category of “stories and lore from PostgreSQL history”, you should definitely read Bruce Momjian‘s short article from
Nov 24 called “Postgres vs PostgreSQL”. Aren’t you wondering why Postgres/PostgreSQL has two names? Why nobody can make up their mind about which one to use? And WHY IS THE MASCOT AN ELEPHANT?! Read and learn!



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