Log Buffer #533: a carnival of the vanities for DBAs

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This Log Buffer Edition covers Cloud, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.


New – Amazon CloudWatch Agent with AWS Systems Manager Integration – Unified Metrics & Log Collection for Linux & Windows

AWS Contributes to Milestone 1.0 Release and Adds Model Serving Capability for Apache MXNet

Well-Architected Lens: Focus on Specific Workload Types

On Architecture and the State of the Art

What is OCR? and How can a Beginner Implement it using Azure Cognitive Services?


asmcmd “connected to an idle instance” – not

oratop with TFA

FREE, Trial access to Oracle Licensing training portal?

Order of Predicate Execution #2

Oracle Traffic Director in Docker


Thanks to Jeremy Schneider.

First of all, two “seasonal” articles.

Robert Treat published an article on Dec 6 for the SysAdvent blog called “sysadmins – the evolution of a role amidst revolutionary hype.” For anyone who’s been following the “DBA 2.0” discussion in the Oracle community, this article reveals that the discussion is not limited to databases.

Redpill Linpro is doing their own SysAdvent series of blog posts too and Knut Ingvald Dietzel published an articled on Dec 8 called “Reduce disk bloat in PostgreSQL”. It gives a nice overview of the pg_repack utility, although I wish they’d discussed “freeze max age” instead of just the sweeping blanket indictment that VACUUM is not sufficient.

Second, two articles that will remind you about why you love SQL.

Markus Winand published an article on Dec 5 about an under-appreciated feature of the SQL language standard. The article is called “NULL-Aware Comparison: is [not] distinct from”

Alex Yeskov published an article on Dec 7 called “SQL Window Functions Tutorial for Business Analysis” and it’s a really great step-by-step
practical introduction to another under-appreciated and extraordinary feature of SQL!

Third, two articles that people were talking about. Both by the same author… I guess Matt Asay knows how to make a splash!

On Dec 6 at TechRepublic Matt published “There’s one big reason that Postgres can’t kill Oracle, and it’s not the technology”

On Dec 7 at InfoWorld Matt published “Why old-school PostgreSQL is so hip again”

And regarding that second article, Matt also got a good twitter discussion going.


The Tarantool SQL Alpha

Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.20-18 Is Now Available

Demystifying Sequence Numbers (seqno) in Percona XtraDB Cluster

Analytical Replication Performance from MySQL to Vertica on MemCloud

Slack & Pagerduty Integration with Monyog v8.4.0

Atomic compound statements

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