Log Buffer #534: a carnival of the vanities for DBAs

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This Log Buffer Edition covers Cloud, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL.


AWS Architecture Monthly for Kindle

Well-Architected Lens: Focus on Specific Workload Types

One year of Cloud Performance Atlas

A developer’s toolkit for building great applications on GCP

Cloud storage now more affordable: Announcing general availability of Azure Archive Storage


ORDS Cross Origin Complaint

Run SQLcl from ANT

Object type “nested” implicit grants

Adapting and adopting SQL Plan Management (SPM)

1st London Oracle Developer Meetup


HashiCorp Nomad and App Deployment with MySQL

Using Google, Github and Instagram Authentication for Login in AdonisJS 4.0

Zero Downtime Network Migration with MySQL Galera Cluster using Relay Node

LDAP with auth_pam and Python to authenticate against MySQL

MyRocks, InnoDB and TokuDB: a summary


Thanks to Jeremy Schneider for PostgreSQL links.

In the announcements category, it’s worth mentioning that on Dec 14 PostgreSQL 10 became Generally Available on Heroku.

With announcements out of the way, lets celebrate the season! There’s another great PostgreSQL story on SysAdvent this week – written by Kathryn Exline and published on Dec 12.

There have actually been quite a few great technical articles this week giving insight into how PostgreSQL works and how we can best use it. First, a great article from Robert Haas of EnterpriseDB on Dec 18 about MVCC and VACUUM.

Speaking of MVCC, I don’t think we ever mentioned this very visual write-up from October 22 by Diana Hsieh of Cockroach Labs about Handling Contention with PostgreSQL. MVCC is a critical concept in PostgreSQL and in all modern databases, so it’s worth the repetition!

Pat Shaughnessy writes a very in-depth post on Dec 15 explaining classic btree indexes and then Looking Inside Postgres at a GiST Index.

Getting a little more practical, Nathan Yergler from PlanGrid writes on Dec 15 with a great example of how to approach query tuning in his article Indexing with Postgres: When Less is More.

And finally, Emily Chang at DataDog pulled out all the stops and published a three-part series of articles about PostgreSQL monitoring. The articles really give a fantastic overview of PostgreSQL in general!

This should be more than enough reading for your holiday break!



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