Log Buffer #535: a carnival of the vanities for DBAs

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This Log Buffer Edition covers Cloud, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.


Deploy the update management solution through an Azure Resource Manager template

Azure Cloud  Shell – Shell.Azure.Com and in Visual Studio Code

New Azure management and cost savings capabilities

Simplify Cloud VPC firewall management with service accounts

Unite Real-Time and Batch Analytics Using the Big Data Lambda Architecture, Without Servers!


Relation Theory videos by CJ Date

DATA MASKING on EBS 12.1.3 with Enterprise Manager

Promoting a simple Oracle JET input text component to a Visual Country Selection component

New APEX conference: APEX Alpe Adria

Importing Into Existing Tables

Help text as a modal dialog


Meltdown and Spectre: CPU Security Vulnerabilities

MariaDB Server 10.2.12 now available

A DBA Analyses ‘The Phoenix Project’

Announcing ClusterControl 1.5.1 – Featuring Backup Encryption for MySQL, MongoDB & PostgreSQL

An update on Write Set (parallel replication) bug fix in MySQL 8.0


Thanks to Jeremy Schneider for this section.

We took a week off from the weekly PostgreSQL digest – but the rate of good articles didn’t slow down!

I think the top highlight of the week is that the well-known database ranking website db-engines.com awarded PostgreSQL as their database of the year! This means that in 2017, according to their methodology, PostgreSQL increase in popularity more than any other database! The next runner-up was ElasticSearch.

Speaking of year in review, Peter Cooper took a look at ten new database systems released in 2017 which included two from the PostgreSQL ecosystem: TimescaleDB and Amazon Aurora Serverless.

Peter mentioned Amazon Aurora Serverless; we skipped an article last month that’s worth mentioning – Alex Debrie wrote on serverless.com about why Serverless Aurora is the future of data.

It’s a bit of a longer read, but well worth the time. Joe Nelson wrote a great article exploring some relational theory behind “keys” in PostgreSQL. His article about SQL Keys In Depth comes after “wading through sixty-four articles, skimming sections in five books, and asking questions on IRC and StackOverflow.”

Today’s digest started with db-engines.com ranking databases. Everybody loves a good comparison… Christian Antognini published an excellent detailed analysis of how PostgreSQL, Oracle and MySQL handle subqueries just a couple days ago. A quintessential “oak table” blog post that’s built around data and careful testing.

For a different kind of comparison, Jan Karremans wrote an article on Dec 27 about why he picked Postgres over Oracle.

As we review 2017, one other thing possibly worth highlighting was the PostgreSQL community’s response to Uber’s infamous 2016 blog post. One of the best responses was Christophe Pettus‘s presentation from Percona Live 2017 which is worth mentioning in any year-end recap.

On January 2nd, Kynan Rilee published an article about PostgreSQL on Kubernetes the right way. Regardless of your opinion about running databases in containers, this isn’t the only recent article on the subject. The recent article on containerized.me about PostgreSQL Cluster on Kubernetes + OpenEBS was still getting retweeted this week and Joshua Galbraith’s article about Containerizing Databases at New Relic last month was also fairly popular.

Finally, we don’t want to miss this nice technical article from Mladen Marinovi? on Dec 28 about pg_rewind Gotchas. It’s a great introduction to PostgreSQL’s utility for quickly getting an old master back online as a slave after failover.

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