Log Buffer #537: a carnival of the vanities for DBAs

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This Log Buffer Edition covers Cloud, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.


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Thanks to Jeremy Schneider.

What a week for tech! Missile alarms, security scandals, large-scale migration rumors… one of those weeks when I had to turn off social media to get any work done.

First off: Google may have officially published their first Spectre/Meltdown disclosure on Jan 3, but it felt like last week was when the tweets and articles really started coming out en masse. For example, while not directly PostgreSQL-related, David Gilbertson‘s Jan 6 article about harvesting credit card numbers and passwords was widely re-tweeted and well-commented.

The Linux Kernel team published patches with a feature called Page Table Isolation to address the vulnerabilities that were disclosed. There were rumors about a 30% perf hit on PostgreSQL due to a mailing list post, however on Jan 10 Simon Riggs from 2nd Quadrant published an article with results of pgbench runs showing a much smaller 7% impact with the Page Table Isolation linux kernel patches enabled.

Next up, it seemed that every major tech news outlet last week ran the story about Amazon and Salesforce “reportedly” moving away from Oracle databases. I’m not sure how much real news there was in this, but I did come across one article that I think is worth passing along. While he might make the process of porting apps between database platforms sound a little easier than it really is, Hal Berenson (former VP of Amazon RDS) published a solid article “Amazon moving off Oracle?” that uses the topic as a springboard.

Speaking of migrations, Javier Collado published a well-organized article on Jan 15 about a PostgreSQL migration inside of RDS. He systematically lists problems, solutions and lessons-learned in this quick read.

This reminds me of two additional migration-related articles that we skipped at the end of last year, but which I think are worth mentioning now. Elisha Zhang from Wootric published an article on Nov 20 about How They Migrated from Heroku PostgreSQL to AWS RDS. And Jobin Augustine from OpenSCG published an article on Nov 9 about Migrating partitioned tables to PostgreSQL 10’s Native Partitioning.

Back to this current week and diving a little deeper into PostgreSQL internals: on Jan 12, Sidharth Shanker from Fin Exploration published an article called “Migrations and Long Transactions in Postgres.” Now from my reading of the article, he’s describing a DDL schema change (adding a column) which didn’t involve moving data to a new system. But he does get into locking internals and it’s worth the read!

I really love good technical articles and on Jan 15 Laurenz Albe from Cybertec published an article about How a bad network configuration can cause table bloat. Great example of step-by-step troubleshooting and some interesting new insights into how the PostgreSQL stats collector works!

Speaking of amazing technical content, Egor Rogov has been writing a series of very high-quality blog posts about Indexes in PostgreSQL. He published has latest article on Jan 16 with a deep-dive into BRIN indexes. Unfortunately I don’t yet read Russian – but I was pleasantly surprised that google translate actually converts these articles to english amazingly well!

Setting up authentication is one of those topics that you don’t think about every day, but when it comes up you have to scramble to figure things out! If you’re a microsoft shop then you might want to bookmark Denish Patel‘s Jan 10 article about Connecting Postgres to Active Directory for Authentication.

And last but not least, Jan Karremans from EnterpriseDB wrote a second article on Jan 10 about his personal journey of picking Postgres over Oracle.

Definitely a little more reading than usual this week. Guess it’s pretty clear we’re out of the holiday lull. And don’t get too far behind…
when it comes to PostgreSQL, the pace only seems to be increasing!

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