MariaDB 10.0 Multi-source Replication at Percona Live UK 2014

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Percona Live UK is upon us and I have the privilege to present a tutorial on setting up multi-source replication in MariaDB 10.0 on Nov 3, 2014.

If you’re joining me at PLUK14, we will go over setting up two different topologies that incorporates the features in MariaDB. The first is a mirrored topology:

Replication Topologies - Mirrored

Replication Topologies – Mirrored

This basically makes use of an existing DR environment by setting it up to be able to write to either master. Please be advised, this is normally not recommended due to the complexity of making your application able to resolve conflicts and data sync issues that might arise from writing to multiple masters.

The second topology is a basic fan-in topology:

Replication Topologies - Fan-in

Replication Topologies – Fan-in

This use-case is more common, especially for unrelated datasets that can be gathered into a single machine for reporting purposes or as part of a backup strategy. It was also previously available in MySQL only through external tools such as Tungsten Replicator

As promised in the description of the tutorial, I am providing a Vagrantfile for the tutorial. This can be downloaded/cloned from my PLUK14 repository

The vagrant environment requires at least Vagrant 1.5 to make use of Vagrant Cloud.

I hope to see you next week!



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