Me Presenting at the Ottawa Valley SAGE Meeting on Thursday

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This Thursday, I’ll be presenting at the Ottawa Valley SAGE meeting. The topic of the talk will be Perl for Sysadmins, and I’ll try to sell to the audience how Perl can make their lives much, much easier.

On the menu

  • Perl’s command-line arguments
  • Well-known idioms for common situations
  • Perl as ‘sed’
  • Perl as ‘awk’
  • Perl as ‘find’
  • From one-liner to small script and back
  • Leveraging TAP as a system monitoring tool
  • Must-have modules
  • And much more.

Who should be attending?

The audience is expected to have some familiarity with Unix-like environments, as well as a basic understanding of Perl’s syntax.

At the end of this presentation, you’ll be able to

  • laugh your way through the extraction the list of visitor IP addresses off an Apache logfile
  • effortlessly find rogue files in a huge, maze-like directory structure.
  • speedily encrypt/decrypt sensitive information off text files using the NCSA-grade rot-13 algorithm.
  • and generally learn a few other dirty tricks that will come in useful on a daily basis.

Where and when

The SAGEs will meet at the Pythian headquarters (St-Laurent shopping center, right above the Rainbow movie theater), and the show will start at 19:00, and should go on till 21:30.

Hope to see you there!

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