Michigan OakTable Symposium (MOTS)

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Michigan OakTable Symposium (MOTS) is a unique event taking place just before Oracle OpenWorld — 16-17 September. Why unique? This is the first conference (is it not?) where all presenters are members of OakTable Network, a group that gathers number of like-minded IT professionals with scientific approach to Oracle database technology and to the life in general.

It happens in Ann Arbor, Michigan — a place I wanted to visit for a very long time. For those of you who are cost conscious and don’t have much in their education budget, this conference is a great value priced at a third of the Oracle OpenWorld pass and I can assure you that quality of presentations is on par with or higher then the top Oracle OpenWorld sessions. The conference is organized by volunteers from OakTable Network and few good friends as a non-commercial event so you will hear no marketing crap whatsoever.

Unlike, huge OpenWorld crowd, which has always intimidated me a little bit, MOTS is going to be a cozy event with strictly limited cap of only 300 participants – ideal size to support peer networking and opportunity to mingle with some of the folks you’ve been dying to talk to.

I especially enjoyed this video promotion:

My immediate reaction on the OakTable list was:

Am I hallucinating or I just saw the image of me right next to Cary, Mogens and Jonathan? As much as I’d be proud, I’d never qualify myself as deserving such comparison.

And Mogens clarified it:

The order in which we appear is based on TAOACDOEL (Total Amount Of Alcohol Consumed During Ones Entire Lifetime – pronounced “tao-AC-dole”). You’re still young, so you only made 4th position.

As to Cary’s and Jonathan’s TAOACDOEL, it is based on the premise that they have lived several prior lives in mining areas as gold diggers and drunkards. Otherwise they’d never make the list.

This is my first life, by the way.

I’m doing three presentation there:

  • Battle Against Any Guess
  • Oracle ASM 11g – the Evolution
  • Under the Hood of Oracle Clusterware 2.0 – 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure

My colleague Chen Shapira does two sessions as well:

  • Everything a DBA needs to know about TCP/IP Networks
  • NoSQL Deep Dive

There is one more Pythian colleague that will be speaking at the conference but I’ll leave it for a surprise later. The full agenda is available but I believe it will be updated shortly.

Now that you checked the list of speakers and abstracts, I’m sure you’d be dying to get there for the two exciting days.

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