Miracle Oracle Open World, The First

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I can’t resist a blog post about Miracle Oracle Open World held at Lalandia in Rødby, Denmark from 27th to 29th September 2007. I will have a privilege to attend this fine event and, boy, am I looking forward to it!

If you heard something about Miracle Database Forum, you might already know what to expect from that. Those of you who already been there once have probably already registered (I haven’t seen yet someone who attended one of the previous Miracle Database Forums and not planing to come again). The rest of us keep clicking these links to read reviews of (but don’t click here here) last year’s event in Lalandia and even take a peek. I was a lucky delegate of a more recent Database Forum [Scottish Edition] and you might recall the biggest fountain of positive emotions I have ever put in a single blog post.

Here is the summary points your need to know:

  • “One of the highest speaker to delegate ratios”. It’s limited by only 150 attendees and I only reckon MSDBF 07 that had more speakers and fewer delegates.
  • Excellent speakers!
  • Fantastic atmosphere to network with your peers and bounce your ideas and problems.
  • Unforgettable social side of the event.

I should only add what I mentioned already – I’m not going to present anything (some late night toasts don’t coгnt). I’ll be just a delegate and able to enjoy the gathering without speaker’s overhead!

See you in Lalandia!

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“I haven’t seen yet someone who attended one of the previous Miracle Database Forums and not planing to come again…”

This remark will hurt Doug…


This remark will hurt Doug…

I don’t think so but I’m sure Doug won’t miss to comment here.
To my knowledge, he doesn’t make it this year for a reason. This is unfortunate, but that doesn’t mean he is not looking forward for the next years.


That’s true…



I’m not in the slightest bit offended, and I think Marco was probably kidding too ;-)

I almost left a comment on this blog last night, but was busy. The comment would have said something like :-

“Lucky guy, you’ll enjoy it loads and I hope I’ll be back there soon. Then again, I can’t really be ‘back there’ as such because I was at the very last final database forum ever, honest’ whereas you are at the start of a whole new institution!’

The key point here is “and not planing to come again…”

Maybe I have such plans!


Yeah, I was kidding ;-)

Yeah, and you are correct. We (alex and me) will be able to say to our offspring: “Hey listen, we were there first. On the first MOO ever” in a time that nobody will remember “the last database forum” ever anyway.



n a time that nobody will remember “the last database forum” ever anyway.

We’ll see, Marco, we’ll see …


Mogens Nørgaard
September 16, 2007 8:22 am

Thanks, Alex – it’ll be good to see you there in a few days from now.

About the “don’t look here” link, the top picture there is of our good friend from Holland, who was part of a record attempt that I’m afraid I came up with:

Let’s see if 15 men can go down the biggest water slide in less than seven seconds (forget all that stuff with green and red lights, etc.).

Well, we succeeded. However, not without casualties, as you can tell.

This year we must beat the record somehow. I have talked to hairy and scary guys (Oracle DBA’s, mind you) who have pointed out that you can actually overtake another person on the way down the water slide (which is inside a pipe). If that is true we can inject a degree of parallelism previously unheard of in this honorable disciplin. Or we could set off in pairs.

Best regards,



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